Inner Growth & Achievement Without Pressure

1 Minute Read

This morning I sat down and recorded a video for our Superabound Coaches. This was meant to be a video to help inspire them to grow and expand as coaches and leaders and what I am doing personally right now in my practice to deepen my own skills as a coach and business owner.

It was such an important message that came through that I decided to share it with our entire community.

You don't need to be a Superabound Certified Coach or Leader to get a lot from this ten minute teaching. But if you are interested in getting certified in our unique method of coaching and leadership you can sign up for our September class here

Mentions in the Video:

1. Superabound Coach Certification

2. The Superabound Podcast Episode 297: Achievement Without Pressure 

3. The Superabound Life Membership (where we will be doing this exploration together in July)

4. Superabound: Live The Life The Universe Is Dreaming For You - our new book being released on July 23