How to Create an Intuitive Morning Routine

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On Monday this week, I woke up at 5:30am without an alarm.

I made a coffee and did some much needed self-coaching around a topic that has been feeling challenging.

After cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind and finding some much needed wisdom from my personal oracle (what I call the Future Self), I edited a chapter of my book on money blockages and manifestation.

Next, I did an intense workout and made some food, got ready and hugged my family before going into the office at 8am and coaching a client in the UK.

Before you think me some poster child of efficient morning routines let me say:


This is however part of my intuitive morning routine. It can change organically depending on the projects I am working on and the time of the year. And in this article I will teach you how to start experimenting with your own intuitive morning routine that sets up your day and supports your business and life goals.

How intuitive morning routines support entrepreneurs

There is a strange thing that happens with entrepreneurs sometimes. They try to create something new and different in the world and then stuff it down into the same stagnant 9-5 work week that they left to become entrepreneurs. If you are doing this, then it's quite likely you are drastically strained in your morning routine, if you can afford to have one at all. 

If however, you decided that the way you start your day matters, and simultaneously doesn't need to follow some cookie cutter routine of a high-achieving expert with three hundred steps in 90 minutes then you have an opening to invite intuition into the mix.

How to create an intuitive morning routine

Personally, I like to make big changes to my routine seasonally. In the winter it is cold and dark where I live so I try to stay in bed as long as possible and therefore my routine is short and sweet with longer solo time at other points in the day.
In the summer however, those early mornings feel more accessible and I can easily plan for an hour or more knowing it won't feel like I am racing through my routine.

To begin creating your intuitive routine, find a time where you can sit alone for a few minutes. Grab a pen and paper or do this journal exercise by recording your impressions as a voice memo to your phone; whatever is easiest for you.

There are many ways to tune into your intuition. It is always on, but like a radio, you may need to adjust your dial to the frequency of that wisdom and away from the static noise of the other "channels" in order to hear it clearly.

Tuning in:
A quick way to do this is to sit and breathe for a few moments. Imagine your awareness like long ribbons. When you have a thought, those ribbons of awareness start to flap outside of you, reaching towards the thing you are focused on. As you sit and breathe, have a look at where your ribbons are. Are they stretching far and wide outside of you, touching events in the past? Your to do list? Wishing for something in the future?

There is no judgment here. You will likely notice you have ribbons in all directions and dimensions. 

Next imagine in your body a cosmic spool (like a cylinder that you wind thread or ribbons around). This cosmic spool represents the seat of your intuition. For many people the seat of intuition rests energetically around the solar plexus or even lower below the navel, but you might notice it near your heart or somewhere else. Trust that your spool is exactly where it needs to be in your energy body.

Take one quick, deep breath in and imagine the ribbon ends that are closest to you magnetize themselves around the cosmic spool. Then over the next few minutes watch your intuitive seat, that cosmic spool, turn and call back the ribbons of awareness towards it until your awareness is focused and you are tuned in to that powerful intuitive seat.

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Now answer the following questions:

1. What does a supportive morning look and feel like for me right now? (or more specifically you could ask yes or no questions like, "Would walking or exercising first thing in the morning be most helpful? Would morning meditation or devotional practice support my days most right now?" then notice when something resonates within you as a clear yes or no)

2. Would the same routine every day be best right now?

3. According to my current big goal of ________, what routine would set my day up to manifest this with ease?

4. What else do I need to consider in order to being working with this routine?

Don't skip the time with yourself to answer these questions from a centered place.

Why? Because even as you read through this, your logical mind will want to have pretty and perfect answers. It will tell you that you already know what to do and you don't need to confirm it with a cosmic spool and ribbon exercise. 

I challenge you to still give the full exercise a try and be open to accessing something other than the mind's answers alone, so that you can create a truly intuitive morning routine that works for you and not a carbon copy of what worked for someone else and may have nothing to do with you and your life goals.

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