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About Superabound

We help you realize the life the Universe is dreaming for you.

Usually an about page is a long, boring bio about the business owners. This is not that.

Here you will learn about our vision and values to see if we align with your approach to life and might be the support you're looking for to light your next lantern.

Yes, you'll learn about us, but we hope that you see yourself reflected in the purpose behind Superabound and know whether we're the right coaches for you and your team.

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Business is a spiritual practice.

Nothing is more revelatory to your inner workings like owning a business or leading a team can be. Choosing this path means you are one of a few courageous souls who are trying to make your corner of the world better. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

As business and life coaches, we know that you aren’t just building a business, you are going toe to toe with your own inner static and outer challenges. And we are here to support you to do it in a way that feels meaningful, fulfilling and energizing so you can build long-term success and impact.

We will see you as a whole human and not simply a work robot (and we will gently remind you of it when you forget).



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Superabound Values

Values are not just pretty sentences to take up space on a website, but the guiding lights of a business.

Here are the ones that shape ours:


Simply, no drama

We strive for simplicity whenever possible and try to steer clear of drama and complexity unless they have a clear purpose (which they rarely do).

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Self-investing is non-negotiable

We believe every business owner should have a coach. Hiring us is a powerful act of self-care and you deserve to learn from coaches with integrity. 

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We expect magic

We do the tangible work required to succeed, while always staying open to collaborate with whatever the Universe sends our way. 

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Revenue Reflects Impact

We love helping you make money and a difference. We feel a deep respect for every dollar someone exchanges for our services.

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Love to go deep on values? So do we.

Superabound Values

Simply, no drama

We run our lean business by treating everyone who works with us, from contractors to clients, like the capable adults they are. We communicate with everyone in our world as clearly as possible so we can devote our energy to our clients and their dreams.

what this means for clients:

We are always thinking about how to simplify your experience so you can focus solely on what you are invested in creating with us. We are always on the lookout for ways to make everything from our payment system to our learning library more simple and client friendly. 

And because we know how important your connection with your coach is you won’t find any high-pressure sales nonsense with us. Life is full of drama, you don’t need more of it from your coach during a discovery or consultation period. Instead we try to set the conditions so your experience while working with us is as expansive as possible.

Self-investing is non-negotiable

We believe every business owner and leader should have a coach. Investing with us is a powerful act of self-care and we recognize that when someone takes the step to look after themselves and their business at this level, they want to learn from someone with integrity. 

Coaching is a large part of our personal growth and part of our meetings and decision making. We don’t overwork or overbook because we appreciate ourselves as humans who need time to rest and reflect. 

What this means for clients:

It means we bring our best coaching brains to every session and try to model taking impeccable care of our whole selves. We hope to be an inspiration for our clients who are doing amazing things in their business and want to have the energy to enjoy their success for the long-term. Practically, it also means we start and end our sessions on time and don’t work on our days off and vacations.

We expect magic

Our business is informed by our history of being long-time spiritual practitioners. We deeply appreciate an eclectic variety of traditions and we believe that true success can only happen for our clients if they are working in alignment with their personal values and ideals.

We do the tangible work required to succeed, while always staying open to collaborate with whatever the Universe sends our way.  

what this means for clients

We invite your whole self when you work with us. Even if we are coaching you on some aspect of your business or career, we know that big obstacles can often be traced back to beliefs that aren’t aligned with the deepest part of you. Understanding that, we are here to support you in almost anything that comes up (keeping in mind if you are dealing with a mental or physical health issue, we are not licensed medical professionals and don’t give health advice, referring you instead to a professional who can offer what you need).

Revenue reflects impact

We love conversations about money and impact, in fact it’s a big topic in our coaching programs. As we work with humans who run and lead businesses to grow, we feel a deep respect for every dollar someone exchanges for our services.

what this means for clients:

When you invest with us, you are investing in coaches and thinking partners who care about you and your success. We don’t take your investment lightly and neither should you. We encourage you to use your investment to its fullest and let it be an extension of the impact you hope to make in your business. Invest not only your money, but your time and energy in this work and you will grow.

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