If you lead people, you need to learn how to coach them

When your people feel empowered and trusted, they do their best work.

Which is what makes coaching so effective in a work environment, since it helps people tap into their own confidence and power.

Companies who use coaching tend to have higher retention rates and achieve their goals faster than those that don't.

If you want to learn the mindset and gain the skills to coach your team effectively, join the Superabound certification that opens this fall designed just for leaders.

Keep reading to learn more about the certification and secure your spot in the fall training.

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Coaching your team can be hard

Chances are you already know how to do their job, and have a proven process for doing it.
But if you don't help your people shift their mindset and become solvers of problems themselves, you will forever be the person who has to put out every fire.

Not only that, but there's the added challenge of holding space for people you need to get results alongside. That makes it almost impossible to coach without having an agenda or expectations.

Even some of the best coaches in the world find that coaching the people within their organization is hard.

The Superabound Coach Training will not only teach you the entire Superabound Coaching toolkit to help you light your own lanterns, but it will prepare you to coach people inside and outside of your organization, so you can become the leader you want to be.

This training will give you more skills as a coach and more confidence as a leader

If you:
  • Currently lead a team or manage people this training will help you coach the people around you to do their best work (without you needing to do it for them or look over their shoulder)

  • Are an aspiring leader and want the skillset of a coach to back up your intention to lead, this certification will not only show how serious you are but give you the tools to step into your next role confidently

  • Are already a Life or Business Coach and want tools to support CEOs and leaders, this program will give you a unique set of skills that will not only help your clients create meaningful mindset shifts but will make you a trusted thinking partner they want to work with over and over again

Why Train With UsJTS_0634

Erin and Steve have collectively supported hundreds of coaches and executives get better at their craft of coaching. For the first time ever they are pairing their years of experience creating the Superabound tools to help you learn to coach your people.

The September 2023 class will be the world's first Superabound Certified Coaches. 

In this training you will learn:

  • How to lead through coaching and not micromanaging
  • How to stay open and coach even when you have unmet expectations and high emotions
  • How to have tough conversations with grace
  • How to distinguish and clear up Static for yourself and the people you coach
  • When to coach and when to create an action plan
  • How to help someone overcome almost any challenge through coaching them
  • How to run better internal meetings that support your people and move closer to their next lantern
  • How to lead an internal coaching session with someone on your team
  • How to lead a coaching session with someone outside of your organisation

You will be guided through a series of monthly workshops, small group practice calls, and private sessions with your Master Coaches, Erin and Steve, to experience the effect of Superabound Coaching in your own life.

What You Get

Training starts September 12, 2023 and runs through mid-December, with a 2-week break before finishing in early January, 2024.

Your investment is $10,000 USD (includes tax).

Training includes:

Learn to apply the Superabound Suite during monthly 90-minute workshops

The following sessions are at 12pm - 1:30pm ET on the Tuesdays below:

  • Superabound Principles and How to Use Them - Sept 12
    • Coaching fundamentals
    • What is the Progress Formula and how to use it in your coaching
    • How to listen deeply and ask questions that move a session forward
    • Discerning inner static vs outer challenges 
  • High Impact Coaching - Oct 3
    • The importance of Vision and how to help leaders craft theirs
    • How to use the Progress Formula to overcome negative self-talk and overcome challenges
    • Helping leaders evolve their decision making
    • The tending triad approach to lighting Lanterns, e.g. reaching goals with soul
    • Developing self-awareness and walking your talk
  • Coaching on Static - Nov 7
    • How to spot and HEAL static in yourself and your client / team
    • How to help people get out of Static whether they are emotional processors or logical thinkers
    • Staying curious as a coach even when you need different results
    • Helping clients succeed with difficult conversations and situations
  • How to Be a Thinking Partner - Dec 5
    • Accessing your unique life experience and wisdom to support your client
    • Creating solutions and paths forward in a session
    • Teaching the Progress Formula meeting template
    • Leading coaching session for people both inside and outside your team
  • Six Powerful Sessions to Lead - Jan 9
    • Establishing Vision    
    • Clearing Static
    • Overcoming Challenges
    • Living the Progress Formula
    • Leading Superabound Meetings
    • Exploratory 45-minute Superabound session

These are the workshops where you will learn the Superabound tools not only as ideas but as a way of coaching people to reach their fullest potential. You will learn and practice coaching on the concepts so you can take them into the group coaching calls and get more comfortable with them.

Eight 60-minute small group coaching practice calls*

Flex your Superabound muscles and get more practice and supportive feedback on your coaching during these live, interactive practice calls.

Eight 30-minute private coaching sessions with Erin or Steve*

These ones are just for you, because we believe coaches flourish best when they have a coach of their own. These calls will give you a firsthand experience of what it is like to be a Superabound client and have all the space to work on your personal and professional Lanterns or clear any Static or Challenges in your path.

*For both your private coaching sessions and your small groups you will be able to sign up for the times that work best for you. After registration closes to the public you will receive an email with your link to sign up for all these calls.

Are there requirements to certify as a Superabound coach?

Yes. You don’t just get the title of Superabound Coach for signing up. In order to get your certificate you will need to do the following:

  1. Attend at least 4 out of the 5 live workshops and at least 6 out of the 8 of your small group calls. Missed workshops can be made up with asynchronous lessons.  If for some reason you can’t meet the minimum requirement of group calls, the program directors may offer a bonus session at their discretion and at an additional cost.
  2. Submit a coaching sample for review by Erin and Steve. We will review the coaching session to make sure you are using the Superabound tools to help your client or team member clear the path to their next lantern.
  3. Teach us! Share a written piece, a video lesson or even a live meetup inside the Superabound Community explaining one of the concepts from the program and spread the learning.

Complete these steps successfully and you will be Superabound Coach!

Your investment

Superabound Coach Certification is $10,000 USD (includes tax) and is payable either in full or in 3 installments for a small admin fee. 

If you're a business owner or leader, consider how much your company could benefit from having more engaged, high-performing teams. The return on your training investment in the form of greater productivity and lowered turnover is remarkable.

And if you're already a coach, adding the Superabound skillset to your repertoire will ensure you have solid, proven tools to help leaders and CEO's build high-performing teams and thrive as your clients.

If you want to share this training with your team lead, download the PDF overview of the program here.

Interested in joining the next cohort?


Hear why Shannin enrolled her entire team in the certification:

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Your Master Coach InstructorsJTS_0519-1

Erin Aquin is a Master Certified Coach who has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs stop overworking and create their "True Love Business." She is the author of three books and the co-host of the Superabound Podcast. Erin has taken her company from a part-time side business to a multiple six-figure corporation that has done over $1,000,000 in under 3 years.

Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach Steve Haase has helped hundreds of business owners generate millions of dollars in increased revenue over the last decade. Before becoming a coach he led teams at high-growth tech companies HubSpot and Shopify, delivering $30 million in annual recurring revenue.

Their new book, Superabound: Light Your Next Lantern, is coming out in 2024 and teaches their unique methodology for achieving meaningful milestones at work and in life.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you offer refunds?
    This is an ongoing training program and, as such, there are no refunds for any reason.
  • Will the calls be recorded? 
    Yes. But in order to be certified you need to be present on 4 of the 5 live workshops and 6 of the 8 live small group calls.
  • How long will I have access to the recordings?
    You will have access to recordings of the workshops and small group calls until September, 2024.
  • The call times don't work for me. Will you train me  privately?
    If you need a special arrangement to make the program work for you, please email us hello@besuperabound.com for private training and for team training rates or book a 20 minute call with us here to discuss how we might find a way to customize the program for you.