The 25 Hour Experiment

1 Minute Read

As we come to the end of my second 25 hour work week, I want to give you an honest update.

Between the launch of our new Love + Success Formula program and the three day summit we just had (btw, if you missed it get the replays and watch them before they disappear next week) limiting my schedule to just 25 hours was a big challenge.

I did it, but just barely.

There were times I had to lock my computer in another room to stop myself from finishing "one more thing".

I let my phone run out of batteries twice and didn't recharge it until the next day just so I couldn't hop on my email or check the calendar.

I had to ask my husband if we could table work discussions until the next day because I had run out of work hours for the day (and if you saw how passionate Steve was this week during the summit, you can probably guess how many times I had to make that request).

What I am noticing is that working less is actually taking more energy than I expected.

This is not uncommon with new patterns because it requires a different focus and thinking process to unravel an old way of doing things. 

This new pattern requires me to be more intentional about my time and far less spur-of-the-moment.

I can't just give an hour over to an inspiring idea if I have been inefficient with my tasks for the day. If I want the space to work intuitively, I have to HAVE the space available and that means checking off the "must-do's" first.

The good news is I already have a plan for next week.

I am going back to basics and working through my own original tool called "Flow Productivity". I will be a student of my own wisdom and follow that process faithfully all week (if you want to learn it, join our new program here and get all the support you need).

More details to come, but for now, my time at the computer is officially up for the week.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you need inspiration to cultivate more love and success, get the replay of the summit before they disappear next Tuesday.