2 Common Stumbling Blocks for Yoga Teachers

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Dancer Pose for Yoga TeachersAbout a month ago I asked some of my fellow yoga teachers to take a survey about the state of our business. In preparation for the upcoming Yoga Teacher Survival Course, I wanted to know what my colleagues were struggling with the most so I could address it in my program. Today I want to share two of the main stumbling blocks that I have been discussing with fellow teachers since.

1) Self-Promotion

Almost across the board (even with teachers who have been teaching for many years), instructors are totally in the dark about how to promote themselves.

I spoke to teachers that are still using outdated and ineffective marketing techniques like classified ads and flyers on windshields, or are just expecting the studio they work for to fill their classes and workshops for them. Even those who are using social media often aren't utilizing the tool in a way that attracts people. I see status updates from teachers every day saying "Come to my 6pm class tonight!" and I wonder, where is it and why should I go?

It is so easy to get lost in the sea of media which is all competing for the attention of your audience. The good news, though, is that there is an effective way to connect with your ideal students and get them out to class. Even better, this secret has everything to do with why so many of us started teaching in the first place, namely our desire for real relationships and to help people live their best lives.

And yes, we will be covering it in the course.

2) Self-Worth

Another and much more deeply ingrained issue for most teachers is self-worth. Last year my mentor came into town for a visit. While waiting for me at the local studio, he saw students interacting with me after a class. Each time someone came up to thank me, I would say something like "No problem" or "no, thank YOU!" (with the energetic quality in my response clearly meaning that they did all the work and I just happened to be there).

He pointed out that in the eyes of the students, I had given them a gift by simply making space for them to recognize something deep within themselves. But when they expressed gratitude towards me, I was uncomfortable and couldn't own the fact that something I had said or done had helped them do that.

It took a few days of him bringing this up over and over again (as mentors often do) to realize that I was actually diminishing the experience the people in my classes were having by acting unworthy or falsely humble in the face of my own discomfort. I have since come to recognize that feeling unworthy and apologetic about our influence as teachers is an epidemic in most yoga circles.

If you are a teacher you have probably dealt with this in yourself on and off, which is why a huge part of my course will be focused on how to help you authentically realize your potential and take yourself seriously both in the classroom and in your business. 

This 6 week course is full of great content that you will be able to use right away to grow your business and connect with your perfect students—without sacrificing your own health or succumbing to the challenges of the industry. 

If you are ready to thrive as a teacher in new and creative ways, I hope you will join me on this exciting and fun-filled journey.

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