Is Self-Trust Dangerous?

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Many of us were taught that self-trust and intuition are dangerous.

Those of us who believe this, have dealt with it by tending to ignore our inner nudges and cut off desire.

We value the opinions of other people over our own, even if that other person isn’t more knowledgeable or qualified as we are on a given topic, e
ven though that "other” doesn’t have to live with the consequences of our decision or do the work involved to become they person they wish we were.

Other people might not like your sense of self-trust if you stop people pleasing and listening to our own wants and needs to design your life, but that doesn't make it dangerous.

Where I think some people get into dangerous territory is when they start insulating themselves as some extreme reactionary measure against the world. When they believe they are THE authority on all things including topics they actually know nothing about. That isn't self-trust, that is egomania and you can spot people in that place because they are usually out in the world trying to convince YOU that they know better than you.

The more I work with people on strengthening their self-trust muscle, the more convinced I am that true self-trust and access to your own intuition allows you to be more open, informed and to seek support when needed because you can hold paradox and different opinions.

At the end of the day someone who trusts themselves is simply someone who is making decisions based on their priorities and values and not trying to bend over backwards to appease other people’s priorities and values.

Intuition then becomes an information source from within that you can couple with what’s happening and what you see in the world outside of you.

This is really the heart of the work I do with clients both privately and inside the Create Your True Love Business Program

The wild, beautiful life you want requires you flex that self-trust muscle like you never have before 💪🏽

Once you learn this skill, and practice it with me during our work together, your life will never be the same.

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