How to make the most important relationship decision

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Earlier this week I shared this podcast with you. I talked about how the criteria for whether to break-up or stay together is a personal one. young-man-watches-sunset

And yet, I know some of you listened and don’t trust yourself to make the “right” choice about this or about any other decision in your relationship.

Here is the thing.

While you are stuck in what I call “decision limbo” weighing pros and cons, looking for evidence that you should stay or that you should go and waiting for the other shoe to drop you are abandoning yourself and your relationship.

If you are focused on your partner - what they did or didn’t do you are robbing yourself of time and energy.

Every moment you don’t make a decision is another precious moment of your life gone that you can’t get it back.

This is true of every decision, big or small.

What I notice in my clients who are in the same boat is that indecision breeds more indecision.

All the flip flopping going on in your head is a direct path to more doubt and confusion.

Here is my gift to you:

1. Spend a moment considering that perhaps there is no “right” or “wrong” here. There is only the path you choose.

2. Ask yourself :"If both of these paths had the potential to be wonderful what would I choose?

3. Ask yourself: "Why would I choose that? How much work am I willing to do to make it happen?"

Spend some time here and it will help you get clarity so you can make a decision and move forward.

AND if you are ready to learn how to make decisions quickly and powerfully simply request a consultation here to talk with me about how coaching might be the perfect fit.

On that very call I will teach you how to make a decision quickly without drama.