How to Make More Money Without Compromising Your Values

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One thing that my clients have in common is a love of depth. 
Some follow a specific religion, some consider themselves "spiritual but not religious," while others are open to the magic of the Universe and don't label it at all.

But when it comes to making more money and being wildly successful, often there is a lot of untangling to do around HOW to make money without compromising deeper values, whatever they happen to be.
It might be because many people learned that to focus upon money is a distraction from what is truly important spiritually.

Personally, this came up for me when my business started to make serious money in 2020, sitting in a room with my Coach and ten other Master Coaches crying my eyes out.

As much as I wanted my business to grow, I had a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual baggage around money, including the belief that if I were to actively pursue wealth I would no longer be loved by my spiritually-minded friends and family.
A few years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars later, I have figured out how to make a lot more money without compromising my own set of values, and I teach my private clients and Mastermind groups how to do the same (even if our beliefs are different).
Here are two simple things you can do today to explore this for yourself:

1. Zoom out to your big vision

Almost every time, fears and concerns about money are hyper-focused on the short term. You might be worried about hitting your quarterly goal, so you start to consider a marketing technique that some online guru swears will increase your sales by 10%, even though it makes your skin crawl.

If you feel like something you are about to do is out of alignment with your values, it's time to zoom out and ask yourself these questions:

a) What is the big goal for my business?
b) Does what I am considering here actively work towards that or against it?
c) Will I be proud of what I am doing here in 5 years?

Answer honestly, and trust yourself and your insights from that big picture perspective. 

2. Write down your values and keep them where you can see them.

It is shocking to me how many spiritual people use their internal values as the primary reason not to scale or make more money, but when I ask what those specific values are, they can't name them by heart.

If you don't have 4-5 guiding values for your business that you can quickly and easily use to make decisions, then how exactly are you making your decisions?

Don't misunderstand me, I am not judging you.

Defining your working values is not something most entrepreneurs have the time and space to do when they first start out, but once you get to the point where you are making money and starting to build a support team, you MUST have values you can look to in order to grow with integrity. 

BONUS TIP: If you have a tricky relationship with money, build a money-based value into your business.

For example, at RYR Coaching, one of our core values is: Revenue Reflects Impact. We treat every dollar we make as a sacred representation of the trust our clients put in us to support them. For a couple of spiritual folks, it redefines our relationship with money every time we sell a course or coaching program and has personally helped me make a lot more money by only working with the people I know I am a good match for.

You don't ever need to compromise your personal or spiritual values in order to make money once you adopt the idea that money allows you to bring more of your specific talents, skills and possibility for impact out into the world.
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