No One Makes You Feel Loved

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Its a really common thing for people who are having relationship problems to "My partner doesn't make me feel loved anymore."
One of the most liberating things you will learn in coaching is that in fact no one can make you feel loved.

Let me use my toddler as an example.

This week, my husband had to go away for work on a night where I was coaching clients.
I asked my son's number one fan, my mother, to come and stay the night and look after my kids while I worked.
When it was time for me to step away for my first client, my son proceeded to scream his heart out for a long time.
It didn't matter to him that he was surrounded by people who love him deeply. 
It didn't matter that my mom and my daughter sang to him, held him and tried to console him. 
They were feeling endless love for him and trying to show it in their words and actions and yet, he clearly was not in a state of "feeling loved". 
We like to think that feeling loved comes from someone else thoughts and feelings, but it doesn't.
No one can make you feel loved just like no one can make you feel un-loved.
The good news is that this understanding has set my clients free and is the first step in living a life that is actually FULL of love.
If you are ready to learn how to stop unknowingly outsourcing your emotions and bring more love into your life, it all starts with a free consultation call.