When Your Goal Seems Far Away - A Love Letter From The Oracle

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I started my morning out in our meditation barn, as I often do with spiritual practice and a deep, honest checking-in with myself.

One of these practices is what is known around here as "Coffee with the Oracle".

Essentially I sit down and have a written "chat" with my Future Self. Sometimes I ask her questions or look for advice on how to solve a challenge I am working on in my life (I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in getting to know themselves better and wants a direct line from their desires to their future).

Today however, I asked what people the Superabound Collective- the clients, readers, and podcast listeners- might need to hear. 

This is her/my love letter to those of you who feel a little lost with how exactly to reach your next lantern or vision aligned goal.

If it sparks something for you I would love to hear about it.

You can email me at hello(at)besuperabound.com

Love Letter From the Oracle: Lighting your Next Lantern

Can you trust that you will reach the top of the mountain you are trying to climb?

Are you aware that if it feels like you're running in the dark it might simply be that you have your eyes closed?

Your next lantern is not simply waiting for you, it requires you and the inner fire you carry to make it shine.

That flame requires tending, more urgently than you think.

It needs protection from the wind, rain and worldly expectations that tamp it down.

It needs room to breathe and fuel to help it burn evenly and easily.

Your specific fire is what that next lantern needs in order to be lit.

And it will continue to stand waiting in the cold darkness until you stop running aimlessly with your eyes closed. 

Open your eyes, trust your beautiful fire and make it the torch that guides you on this path that only you can travel.

Your lantern is waiting for you.