How to make a life-changing decision

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As an adult human, you are always deciding. For instance, you're deciding to watch this video right now. But for most people, their decisions are not conscious. Which is the reason so many people struggle to make important changes in their lives.

There's a difference between an everyday decision, like deciding what video to watch, and what I call a real decision.

A real decision realigns your priorities. It removes obstacles. It is the starting line for stepping into a new space. Examples include marriage, deciding on a career path, starting a business, or becoming a parent. These are things that open up doors to a new world of experiences and challenges.

The interesting thing about real decisions, is you only know if it was real in hindsight. Only after a period of time do you see if you followed through. Did you actually step into that new space and stay there through all the ups and downs?

That brings us to the topic of constraint. Constraining your focus gives you energy for what matters. It frees you from what YOU decided was less important, to focus on what is more important.

For example, most people say it's hard to find time to meditate. When I decided that my spiritual growth was the most important thing in my life, I joined a group of people where we meditated for two hours every day. My constraint was in the expectations my friends and I had for each other.

Most people take on too much, falsely thinking that saying no to things means they will miss out on something important. But how much energy do you really have for what's important if you're always busy, trying to keep up, rushing to catch your breath?

For instance, if you want to invest in your relationship, but you also want to start a business, train for a marathon, and raise small children, you'll be spread so thin that nothing will move forward. That situation becomes a downward spiral.
What's really powerful here is that there is no such thing as a wrong decision. You can decide to move forward, and simply make a new decision when the time comes. Don't spin in indecision. Here's why:

Indecision looks sincere, like you're just unsure and really want to do what is best. But indecision is actually self-protection of the status quo. It is the only thing keeping you from stepping into the new space that opens when you make a real decision.

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