Ep 59: How to Make Decisions

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asphalt-highway_925xHere is the exact process I use to make big decisions with or without your partner.

I wrote out the process for you here on the show notes so you can head over and print it all out.

Using this process will help you get clear and decide what it is without spinning in indecision, deferring to someone else or wasting your life doing U-turns.

Step by step here is how:

Decision Download

  • write down all your thoughts, the main possibilities, impacts, your feelings, fears, hopes and goals around the decision

Question 1. Describe the worst case scenario of your 2-3 main options

  • what is the worst that could happen with each of these options

Question 2. Describe the best case scenarios of your 2-3 main options

  • what is the best possible thing that could happen with each of these options

Question 3. Are you willing to risk the worst case for the possibility of the best case to happen?

  • pay attention to this one are you willing to risk the possibility of one more than the other in order for your dreams to happen?

Question 4. If you knew that both best case's were possible, which would you choose for yourself?

If you have trouble deciding, imagine you only had 5 minutes to pick one or you would lose the possibility of both.

And when you are ready to take this much further in your life, you can work with me one on one or inside the Wild Beautiful Love membership.
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