Ep 220: How to Choose a Program for Your Business

1 Minute Read

When deciding what support you want for growing your business in the year ahead, you should be picky. After all, the program you join will be a big part of your life in the months following your investment. 

And while the determining factor in your success is always YOU and not any program you take, having a truly supportive experience will make your progress towards your goal easier.

In this episode we explore:

  • How to make a decision based on your own intuition rather than being swept up by marketing hype or promises
  • What to be wary of when researching a coach or program for your business
  • Why the intangibles in a program can yield even more growth than its formulas and frameworks
  • Why bringing along your whole self to your business gives you even more power and joy on your path

Download the checklist for choosing a program for your business here.

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