238: Resetting Your Energy

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When your energy dips, it doesn't just affect the way you feel personally. As a business owner, your energy ripples out to everyone you touch. Being grouchy all the time with your team, your customers, or your loved ones will lead to things falling apart.

And being a great leader means knowing how to handle the moments when you feel off so you can lead intentionally, not reactively.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Signs you might need to reset your energy, and how to do it
  • Practices that reset your energy on both subtle, mental, and physical levels so you can find what works best for you based on your situation
  • Why "thinking positive" isn't enough to get your energy back on track and what to do instead.

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Episode Transcript

Steve Haase  0:03  
Welcome to the Superabound Podcast with master coaches Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, where business owners like you learn tools that help you clarify vision, clear up static and overcome challenges. You're listening to episode number 238. Resetting your energy. Welcome, everybody. My name is Steve Haase. And I'm feeling very energetic. Today is a sunny day, I went out for a walk, brought the kids to school, and I'm just ready to rock. But I don't feel like that every day. Some days are kind of rough, where I get up, and it's kind of all I can do to get the day underway. And on those days, especially, it's important that I have tools to actually take that state, which will not be very creative for my business and will not be very helpful for my clients and turn it into something that will be. And that's what we're going to talk about today. How to take those moments, whether they're a couple of minutes at the beginning of your day, or even as long as days or even weeks, and turn them around into something where you can be the creator and the visionary that your business needs you to be. I'm here with my co host, co founder and partner Erin Aquin.

Erin Aquin  1:28  
Hi, I'm so glad we're talking about this today. Because it's it's a tricky thing. I think on one hand, being able to just get through the day is something it's a skill, it is something that as business owners, as leaders, you actually have to know how to do you can't just say, Well, I mean, you could you could say well, I'm just going to not see any of my clients today, I'm going to cancel my entire day, you can do that. And I think there's moments where that would be totally appropriate. But I think it is sort of an art form, in a sense, knowing when you just need some kind of an energetic reset, you need to really look at your mindset and make a slight shift that's going to open up more energy for you in a day. Versus like, Hey, I think I'm actually burned out and I need a bigger step back to many people, unfortunately, learn how to bulldoze those little mini alarm bells that are telling you, you know, I'm not feeling so inspired. And that time goes on for a week, and then a month and then a quarter. And you start to sort of feel your energy levels drop in a significant way, what we want to help you do with this episode is learn to recognize the signs when it's time for, you know, I need an energy reset, I need to take 15 minutes and go meditate or take a nap versus the times where maybe you need something bigger, deeper, more in depth. Learning to recognize that is not always easy. That's why so many entrepreneurs and business owners have major burnout stories. So very glad we are talking about this. And we're going to give you some ideas for how you can reset your energy when you do think, you know, I'm probably okay, I can get through this, we're gonna give you some tools for that today.

Steve Haase  3:34  
So where I want to begin with this are the signs that you need an energy reset. For me, the feeling is as though the buffer between myself and the world is thin, like the world is kind of impinging upon me in ways that are very uncomfortable. And what that looks like is I will get snappy, I will be short, I'll sometimes be quiet, you know, it's like, why aren't you talking like, cuz I'm just trying to get through. Those are my signs that I gotta fix my face, you know, I'm in the wrong place, the energy is not what I want to be bringing. And it's in my control to make that shift. So if I'm feeling very annoyed with all the small things that happen, that's going to be a sign that I might consider one of the energy resets that we're going to share today. And they're pretty similar there. And if she is not able to handle the stuff of life, and instead, you know, things start getting really bad really fast. I'm like, hang on, it's not actually that bad. Let's just pause for a moment and reassess how we're going to handle the stuff of the day, right because every single day, even if it's the best day of your life, there are still those moments that stink maybe somebody cuts you off in traffic, maybe A contract you had expected to come in, doesn't come in that day, all kinds of things are going to happen. And when you notice yourself being extra, either down about them, or kind of agitated about them, those might be some of the signs.

Erin Aquin  5:17  
Yeah, I mean, I totally agree. Those are definitely my, my, my tells. And I think sometimes the question that comes up for people is like, Okay, but how do you know, when it's just an energy reset you need versus like, I need to stop this day, I need to go crawl back into bed. I think, you know, I think some people are very reactionary, to the slightest mindset blip on their radar and sometimes over react and then make, you know, more problems for themselves. You know, if you have a day where you have to push six meetings, you're gonna have to do those meetings, and you maybe are making it harder for yourself in the future. So I my kind of knowing about whether it is a, an isolated incident that will that an energy reset will help, versus something that maybe is more serious, like, if I'm sick or something, I'm gonna go to bed, my knowing comes from trying the energy reset, if it helps me, if I or you know, or getting coached, if that helps me and puts me in a different headspace. Amazing, I go on with my day. But if I do all if I use all my best tools, if I pull up the the big tools, like I do a meditation, and I get coached, and they take a nap, and I still feel really off. That's, you know, that's assigned to me that this probably needs more space, more energy. So that's kind of the good part is what we're going to teach you is sort of your first check in point. It's also diagnostic, I guess, in a way.

Steve Haase  7:01  
So there are a few levels that I like to work at, when it comes to an energy reset. Let's start with the subtlest. This is the level of just your own inner world, before you've even created any thoughts or stories about the world outside of you. It's just what does your energy feel like on the inside. And the way that I do this is I close my eyes, I relax and get into a meditative state, I'd have to be in a place that's nice and quiet, but an office would do. And then I kind of do a body scan, I start from down low. And I just check in with each of my energy centers. If you've done any chakra work, it can check in with each of those points, those energy points rising up from the base of your spine, to the top of your skull. And I'm checking in with my energy centers. And as I breathe, bringing life to them, seeing what might need a little extra attention, and a little more care, where might I feel a little dim. And as I do that breathing, I'm able to bring brightness to these different energy centers that corresponds to how I work in the world. It's a very direct connection between what I'm seeing internally, and how I show up externally. And this is one of the meditations that we're going to be bringing you through during the five day meditation exploration. Starting next week, if you're listening live at the end of April here, head over to besuperabound.com/meditate. To join us there. It's only $18 for the whole week, there's five days. And this is one of those meditations. And what that does for me is when I'm done if what I needed was an energy reset. And the level that I needed it at was that kind of subtle, energetic level. I'll be ready to rock I will feel so energized so engaged, that thing that was on my schedule, whether it was sitting down to write or creating some marketing material, or just getting this podcast out there will seem like nothing, I will be tuned in to the person that I need to be to create amazing work for what's next.

Erin Aquin  9:25  
And I just also want to say for anybody who maybe has not ever meditated before, you know, see he's been at this for a very long time. So he notices the difference. The transformation is very clear for him between the time the space of not meditating and then doing this energetic reset practice. Don't be discouraged if that was not your experience. You know, you might just notice I feel a little bit more awake. I feel a little bit more clear. So it doesn't have To be always, you know, send like a total enlightenment experience, if for any of the meditations that we're going to be sharing next week. But you should notice a difference. You know, if we add, we said this last week, but I think for the practices, specifically the ones that we're going to be teaching next week, in that meditation exploration class, we're not giving you something that you need to do for 20 years to experience anything positive from the point is that these are things that after a little while of getting comfortable, and sort of maybe adapting them to find your way that really works well for you. They should be supportive tools in your life. You know, when I meditate, with a lot of these practices, it's just as good as taking our long nap. Except I didn't have to use an hour to do it. So that one I love to an energy reset. I think it's something that most entrepreneurs and business owners, especially if you are in a an energetic space with other people, you know, if you have one to one clients, if you work closely with your team, and you're with a lot of people with a lot of emotions, I actually think that's one of the most essential things that you should be doing every week, if not every day. One that gets me out of a funky energy situation that we will also be sharing next week is talking with my Oracle. This is the loving name, I give my future self. But I go to my future self for advice, for support for direction, you know, she has figured out all of these things in my life and my business that I'm struggling with today. She knows that we come out of it, okay. And it's a really beautiful way of especially in a tough moment, a tough business moment. It's a beautiful way of knowing that this stuff doesn't last forever. There will be a moment where I'm out of this staticky place. And she needs me to get out of that staticky place in order to become who she is. I know that's really esoteric. But when we can look to our future, and as I know, some people are like, Oh, that's just you're just imagining it. Who cares? Even if that even if I am just imagining it? It feels really good. And it does give me energy. For all of these types of meditations, maybe you're like, I don't know, the chakras are real, where where do they live in your body? The point is to reorient to a different type of knowing and understanding, and maybe it's going to be playful for you. That's why we call this class next week, the meditation exploration because neither Steven nor myself feel like you have to do these practices in this one certain way. You know, we're not doing classical meditation training. The point here is not to go live in a meditation community and be enlightened after 20 years. It's really to help you feel supported, so that you can bring the vision for your business and your life into the world. You can't do that. If you're grouchy and alienating your team, or your customers and you're losing your shine your inner shine, you will quit, or they will fire you

Steve Haase  13:37  
hardcore. That's why this stuff matters. It really does, right, we're talking about energy reset, but everything has a ripple. So when you take the time to get into the space that you need to be, you're gonna be there for your people in a much more powerful and intentional way. So we've been talking about some of the more subtle energy resets with meditation, future self, kind of the coaching things, if your issues are with the way that you're seeing the challenge. Maybe someone on your team is underperforming. And the thing that might be getting you down is fear of confrontation. Lots of people are afraid to just bring it up. That energy reset might look like journaling, writing down all your fears. I'm afraid they will get mad and cry and tell me that I'm no good and quit. Just write it all down. And then when you can see it in black and white. It has less power over you. You can contemplate okay, then what? When you look at it in black and white, you can have some space from it. You can decide, well who do I want to be If the worst case happens, do I care enough about this business and about this person to be my best self, even in the worst case. And that's going to be a powerful reset for your own energy. Because if all you're doing is spinning in circles about the fears that are in your head, your energy will not be able to move forward, you'll be stuck.

Erin Aquin  15:24  
And I want to add to that, because this is a practice I do a lot for me. And I prescribe it to a lot of my clients. While you're entertaining those worst case scenarios, just understanding that this is your brain being creative in the wrong way, or in the like, not so helpful way. So one thing I always do is, I will entertain that worst case scenario. But then I will also remind myself that that is one of a million billion possibilities. And I will commit to myself to write down five other what ifs that are not as drastic and horrible. Because the most out out it's funny, we think, like the negative things are so probable. But if you came up with an outlandish ly positive possibility, for something you probably wouldn't believe it. So just it's really, it's actually very fascinating to explore. Well, what if, like, I came up with five wildly amazing possibilities as well, just that, that you get to show your brain that you are actually making it up, which is helpful. If you're going to do any deep mindset work, you have to know that so much of how we feel originates from our thinking,

Steve Haase  16:40  
brilliant. If you're making it up, you might as well make up the positive ones too. And yeah, that is going to reset your energy, because you will see the whole spectrum realize that most of what you're getting worked up about is happening on the inside rather than on the outside. And then you can have a little more strength and courage to do what needs to be done. So we've talked about the subtle energetic level, we've talked about the more concrete but still thought level, let's talk about the physical level. Sometimes the energetic reset that you need is actually in your body. And there are kind of two sides of the spectrum just to keep it really simple. One is if the energy feels stuck, and the other is if there is not enough, if it feels stuck, what you need is to move, it could be going for a walk, it could even be as simple as getting out in the sunshine, taking some deep breaths, stretching your arms up over your head, you know, don't take any medical advice from me, but some kind of movement that moves that energy. If you're up for a harder workout. One thing that I love to do is go for a bike ride, I'll hop on the peloton and pedal in place in my basement. If I'm really feeling it, get on my bike and head out. And by doing something that reminds you that you are embodied, you are in a body you have a body you are in many ways your body, it moves that energy it unsticks it on the other side is where you feel like you just don't have enough and many people will push through will pour another cup of coffee, they'll find a way to just power through. But that actually doesn't improve your energy. It doesn't make you more ready for what's to come. And so I am a huge fan of the power nap, I'm just going to give a little nod towards the 10 Minute literally, I lay down on the couch, I set my alarm for 10 minutes. And it does wonders, right? You're not starting a whole sleep cycle, you're not really falling asleep, but you are giving yourself that time to just completely unplug. And at the end of that I feel like a new person, just by giving my body that moment to take in the energy from the world to just let myself not be putting anything out is such a gift. And so I invite you to experiment with what you need in that moment when you feel like you're just running low. So that's what we wanted to share on resetting your energy. I hope you found that valuable. And if you want to actually practice those meditations with us, get some specific instructions and have the recordings for six months so that you can incorporate these energetic practices into your routine. We'd love to have you for the meditation exploration. Head over to besuperabound.com/meditate to join us there. It's only $18 for the five days and the replays for six months. Thanks again, talk to you later.

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