Your Self-Care Cheat sheet

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If you missed the Tend Your Inner Flame 5 Day Journey we wanted to create a quick summary of important points and takeaways to help you end the burnout habit so you can be successful in your life and business for a lifetime.

The whole journey is available now on demand. Click here to get the entire thing free.

If you are like me, you might also want the cheatsheet to go along with the videos to recap main points and top takeaways from each day of the journey.

Here it is:

Day 1: Self-Investing 101
Burnout is often a result of not being clear on your big vision and as a result, wasting time, resources and energy on things that may not bring you closer to having the life or the impact you truly want.

What to do: Take time to become aware of the behaviours that cause burn out as well as what invigorates you versus what depletes you. Use the tools we share to eliminate what doesn't support you and double down on what does. 

Day 2: Visionary Practice
Start having regular check-ins with the version of you out there in the future who has accomplished what you are working on right now. If you don't have a big Vision articulated for your business and your life, you are leaving free energy on the table. We shared a simple and fun practice for getting the best inner wisdom you can.

What to do: Start to connect with the big picture and let that inform your daily tasks and decisions. And if you aren't sure where to start, we will be doing this work as a live bonus with the members of our 12 month business building program, Grow Smooth in November. If you want a vision-aligned business without overworking, this program will be a great next step for you.

Day 3: Sustaining Rituals
You can't create success or bring your vision to life if you have no energy to light your lanterns. Running a business or leading a team is like a marathon up a mountain and sustaining rituals are how you become the kind of elite athlete who can get it done. 

What to do: Look at the things you do that already support your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship wellness. Chances are you already have some good sustaining rituals as well as some that need a little more intentional awareness. Add only what you need, not the checklist the world thinks you need. Let those rituals be nourishing for you.

Day 4: Personal Filter
If a Visionary Practice brings in new energy and Sustaining Rituals help build it, your Personal Filter is what keeps you from leaking your precious resources of time, mental space and emotional attention. Those with an appropriate Personal Filter are pretty much burnout proof.

What to do: This was a big one. The best thing you can do is give yourself 30 minutes to sit down and rewatch this session with your full attention.

Notice what comes up for you and be honest with yourself about what might need a stronger filter in your life. If you need coaching or thinking partners to help you sort out what to do next, post in the Superabound Collective. We are here for you.

Day 5: Create Your Personal Tending Triad
At this point you are ready to create the triad of support specific for you at this time.
We shared a short exercise to help you tap in and create your plan.

What to do: Craft your triad and work with it for a month. When in doubt ask yourself, "Is what I am about to do with my time and energy going to support my big dreams or work against them?" Tell yourself the truth every time.

Finally, we want you to know this work has changed our lives and that of the clients we have coached.

These tools work, but only if you use them in a way that works for you. One of those ways might be investing in the support of two Master Coaches on your team to help you reach your next milestone, create a dream team and scale your business without ever burning out again.

The doors are now open to Grow Smooth, the 12-month program for leaders and entrepreneurs is designed to do just that and more. And a special bonus, we will be offering LIVE support during the month of November for all members of the program.


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