Why a 7-Figure Business Won't make you Happy

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When you are a multiple six figure business owner, it's easy to set your sights on the million dollar mark as the gold standard for a truly successful business. 

You imagine what it will be like for you, your growing team and your family.

But the truth is, if you aren't carefully considering the way in which scale to 7 figures, you may find yourself at that milestone mark, burnt out with no one to share it with.

I am not a Coach who likes to focus on doom and gloom (because your brain spends enough time doing that already, am I right?) but the reality is, entrepreneurs aren't immune from relationship breakdown. 

In fact, they may be more prone to it.

Take 30 seconds to answer the following questions. Be brutally honest with yourself:

1. Do you regularly tell your loved ones "I'll be just five more minutes to finish this work thing" and then proceeded to work for an hour or more?

2. Do you feel distracted with thoughts about work when you are spending time with your loved ones?

3. Do you skip social plans or date night sometimes because you feel exhausted? 

4. In the last 2 weeks have you been called out by your family for how much time you spend looking at your phone or computer?

5. Is overwhelm something you feel on a daily basis?  

6. Do you second guess yourself and doubt your decisions?

7. Do you wish you had stronger intuition about which path to choose in your work and your personal life?

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