How to Turn a Launch Around When Things Aren't Working

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If you run any kind of service based business, chances are you periodically go into "launch mode." It kind of feels like getting suited up to climb into a rocket and blast off into outer space, doesn't it?

Even if you have been in your business for years, launch periods are often stressful. It's easy to slip into old patterns of overworking and under-nourishing yourself. And if your launch isn't going the way you had hoped (and planned your next 2 quarters around) then there is the additional pressure of figuring out how to turn things around before it's all over.

I have gone through this in my own business and done it with my clients so many times that I have created a simple framework to keep overwhelm at bay and use the ultimate vision of your company to turn things around. The best part is, when you do this well, it won't add any extra hours to your work week.

Bookmark this page for your next launch and adapt the steps to work in your unique business:

1. Assess the main issue
When someone tells me their launch isn't working the very next thing I ask is "which part of it?"

Unless we know where the specific bottleneck between your product or service and the people buying is, it is really hard to troubleshoot a launch. You need to know the metrics of your business first so we can focus on a creative solution.

Working backwards, some of the most common issues in a launch are:

  • People are coming to your classes or consultations but aren't making a purchase
  • People are opening your emails but aren't coming to your classes or booking consultations
  • People are signing up for your emails and marketing but aren't opening them or engaging with them
  • The people you want to work with aren't on your email list or connected with you on social media or in person

From cold lead to happy client, there are a lot of steps that have to be working well for someone to feel warmly invited and excited to give you money for the magic you bring. Once we clearly know what isn't working we can move forward.

2. Think about your client and talk to them
This sounds like Marketing 101, but it always surprises me that many people don't do this. We live in a world with many experts who tell us sales is just trying to outfox our potential clients and create so much urgency and scarcity within them that they rush to pay us. I don't know about you, but even considering treating my clients that way makes my skin crawl. 

Instead, when you know the main issue that's blocking a flow of clients to you, take a moment to visualize them reaching that funnel bottleneck and think about what they would need to hear from you in order to be willing to take the next step.

One example from a client's launch recently was discovering that her potential clients had a belief that what she was teaching was too advanced for them. In her marketing she was trying to convince them it was easy and because her words clashed so deeply with their belief, they didn't trust her and weren't buying.

The solution was for her to start thinking about them and their doubts and speaking to that directly. That one change took no more than a few tweaks of her launch funnel and turned things around completely (she has since made over $20,000 and counting on her evergreen mini-courses).

3. Untether your self-worth from your launch
I know this sounds like some very coach-y idea rather than a step in a money making framework, BUT this is the most important part.

If you aren't actively doing the mindset and emotional processing work to keep your self-worth intact, then you are doing yourself and your business a disservice.


Regardless of whether you make $4 or $400,000, when you tie your worth to money you are handing over your inner power to something that can never compare to your inherent worth.

This requires some of the magic and inner manifestation work I teach inside the audio course, Your Magical Business, but when you truly do this, you will also likely find your launches flow more easily. That's because your clients can energetically sense when you are in alignment versus when you are graspy and desperate for their business.

Learn to treat your business like a gift you are giving the world that your customers get to experience, then bring that energy and attention to all you do in your launches from now on. 

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