What Is a Mastermind and Do You Need One

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You may be familiar with the idea of a Mastermind, a phrase coined by author Napoleon Hill in 1925 to describe what happens when two or more people work together to solve problems. 

The idea of collective intelligence—that something greater is possible between people who come together in harmony than is possible alone—has captivated me for decades. It's why I got a Masters degree in conscious evolution (yes, it's a thing) in 2006. And it's why Erin and I created the Superabound Your Business mastermind.

Something unique happens between people who are all on the same wavelength, moving towards the same purpose, together. It's a flow state, but shared between people. The ideas and insights emerge freely and people leave with a sense of clarity on the path forward that didn't exist beforehand.

And when you multiply this experience over a period of six months, the results for a business are dramatic. Here are some of the most significant outcomes for participants in the Superabound Your Business Mastermind:


Shannin Williams had the biggest launch ever in her business while she was in the Mastermind, $52,000 in three weeks. With a team of 2, including herself. That amount was almost her entire yearly salary before she committed full time to her business.

She found that hearing solutions for each person across different industries generated new ideas for her architectural design company. She put those ideas to work and set a new sales record in her business. 

Taylor Webb, real estate developer, found, "the group is absolutely beneficial, to hear the process that other people are going through, to see the path they're on, to get their perspective on what I bring to the group. Being part of everyone else's process and the discussion helps everybody in the group to work through their own path to moving the business forward."

Dena George MD, physician life and business coach shared, "What the Mastermind has helped me do is slow down and walk more in faith rather than walk more in certainty. And by that certainty I mean closing doors, making decisions, moving quickly. It's more walking in faith that this is beautiful and is going to unfold beautifully and I'm simply going to do my role, but I'm not going to do everything."

When you choose a mastermind you are joining a group of people who will be holding a vibrational field of possibility. If you resonate with the vibration of the group leaders, you will find that the thing you want to create in your life—whether it's a business outcome or a personal one—is strengthened by being in that group. 

Erina and I created a podcast episode exploring the details of how to choose a program for your business here, if you want to go deeper.

Learning from mentors, as well as each other

It's not just the collective intelligence that makes a Mastermind powerful, it's the container that the leaders create. The Superabound Your Business mastermind gives participants the toolset that Erin and I used to build a multiple six-figure coaching business, and that we've gained from working in some of the fastest growing tech companies around (HubSpot and Shopify).

As Taylor said about what he learned, "the step-by-step nature of how to think about the business and move it forward was so helpful. Having gone through it I feel like I've got a whole new toolbox to start to apply to everything I do from here on forward. One of the things I found most helpful was thinking about setting up the systems. Systems to get the work done and put the team together are far and away the most useful pieces to best help me grow and scale."

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for keeping your inner fire lit. If you aren't motivated and in the right frame of mind, your business won't grow. And the more tools you have for making progress, the better your chances are for success. 

Progress takes consistency. Setting aside a regular time in a Mastermind to get support, bring challenges, and learn from others is how you ensure that your inner fire not only stays lit but grows in brightness and strength. 

If you're looking for a supportive team, new tools and processes for growing your business, and a serious dose of magic in your life, the Superabound Your Business Mastermind may be right for you.

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