The Case For Being a Warm Leader

1 Minute Read

It's interesting to me how sometimes in professional settings we equate seriousness and sternness with depth. We think the person with the stone face or the one who isn't reacting at all must be the wisest, deepest one in the room.

The issue with that for leaders trying to emulate the part of the wise, dispassionate one, is it can actually come across as cold and create a rift with the people you are trying to lead.

Interestingly, there is a whole field of interpersonal neurobiology that is showing that when we receive people with warmth, especially in a moment that is tough for them, we can provide a safe landing pad for them to come to.

When folks on your team and in your life feel safe, they are more likely to trust, respect and listen to you. A little bit of warmth can deepen relationships, whereas a more robotic reception of people, especially in a moment that feels vulnerable for them, can create a lack of safety within them.

Not sure if this is true for you?

Imagine being on a Zoom meeting with someone you report to and you share something that is hard for you.

Your leader or mentor barely moves, holds no facial expression and after a 15 second pause says "ok" with no distinct tone.

How safe, seen and received would you feel?

Chances are you would feel very exposed, maybe silly or hurt and start to imagine all the ways this other person is judging you harshly, if they were really listening, or if maybe the internet dropped out.

Now imagine what would happen if the response was different. If they leaned in slightly, nodded and said, "Thank you for telling me this. I imagine it's hard. How can I support you?"

You already know which response you would prefer to receive and probably which leader you would respect more.

A little bit of human warmth and authentic depth goes a long way and can have profound effects on the enjoyment you feel in your work, especially if you have a lean team and want to create a company that people will work at for the long-term.

But you can't fake warmth or real depth. It starts with knowing your Superabound Vision and tending your own inner flame as you move towards the big milestones ahead.

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