Enjoy Your Life While Growing Your Business

If you are running a business you know how easy it is to slip into working evenings and weekends. There are always things to do and problems to solve.

But what if you had a thoughtful and aligned system that allowed you to not only grow smoothly, but to do so without working after-hours on on things that ultimately don't move the needle?

Grow Smooth For Your Lean Business is more than just a course. It is an adaptable framework designed for entrepreneurs who want to jumpstart the next chapter of their business without wasting time, energy or money. 

Over twelve months you will become a lean business that can maximize your output even with less staff, working less hours. Guided by Superabound Master Coaches Steve Haase and Erin Aquin you will learn to eliminate the bottlenecks in six key areas of your company so you can reach your most important milestones.

Why This Matters

For every day your business is stalled or weighed down by needless expenses the world is missing out on the impact you could be having.

And while you put out fires and tinker under the hood, things like your team culture and customer service suffer. Not to mention your personal life.
Grow Smooth will help you create systems that you and your team actually use to become more productive, more aligned and have a greater impact in your industry.

During this year, you will feel like you are finally in the driver's seat of your company, guiding its vision, culture and expansion.

And you will do it all in a way that doesn't disrupt your personal life ever again.

Join Grow Smooth here and let's get moving again. It's just $1,997 US for a full year of access, that's less than $200 per month.
Join Now
Step 1: Join Grow Smooth and get immediate access to the video modules where you will learn more aligned ways to sell, lead your leanteam and build your systems without overworking.

Step 2: Get the back-up you need with coaching and fresh ideas inside the Grow Smooth Community. 

Step 3: Watch the advanced workshops with Erin and Steve to stay inspired as you work your way up the Success Spiral.

Here's how it works


Make Progress on What Matters
Discover how to eliminate procrastination and overwhelm even as you take on bigger challenges, along with the mindset shift needed to make consistent progress.
Light Your Next Lantern
Learn why goals often backfire and can leave you feeling empty even after you achieve them. You will be able to reach your next milestone while enjoying the journey.
Overcome Mental Static & Drama
The biggest hurdles to your success aren't found outside you, they're in your own mind. Discover the most gentle yet effective approach to getting out of your own way.


Help Money Flow
Uncover hidden beliefs you have about money and how they block its flow. You will discover how to sell in an easier, more authentic way than ever before
Create Smarter Systems
Getting more time and leverage is all about the systems you create. You will decide which ones will best free you up and get them running.
Becoming a True Leader
Become more resilient to setbacks. Communicate from vision. Build high performing teams. You will discover your unique leadership style.

Working with Erin and Steve...

"They held space for me to come with my problems and issues, then find an intentional way to make a better atmosphere in my business.

"Our work together helped me have the biggest launch so far: $52,000 worth of online training."

Shannin Williams Founder, Shannin Williams Architectural Illustration

shannin headshot small-1

"Working with Erin is different than any kind of coaching I've done before. It helped me see that nothing about me is a problem. It's rare and transformative."

Jen Moulton Master Coach, Jen Moulton Coaching

Jen 3

Grow Smooth is for you if:

  • You're a business owner who's feeling lost and overwhelmed and you are ready to overcome the bottlenecks slowing you down. 
  • You want to bring more of your big vision into your day-to-day life but aren't sure how to do it in a way that helps you achieve your big goals. 
  • You're DONE with outside authorities and experts telling you how to run your business but you do want experienced mentors and coaches to help you find your best way forward.
  • You want your business be lucrative but feel easy and drama-free (at least most of the time).

What you get:

  • 15+ video training modules with select workbooks to help you uplevel in areas such as:
    • Getting the most from your time so the things that matter get done
    • Building a high-performing team so you don't have to always do everything yourself
    • Leading from vision so that your company fulfills the purpose you envision for it
    • Taking care of yourself so that you don't sacrifice your well-being in the name of your goals
  • Access to a private community inside the Superabound Collective for ongoing coaching and inspiration
  • 12 Bonus Workshops with Erin and Steve to take the tools you learn further (some are previously recorded while others will be presented live)
  • Access to the course and community for 12 months

Bonus workshops include:

Decision-Making Masterclass

The better your decisions, the more sustainably your business will grow. This one-hour workshop will boost your decision making skills. You will gain practical insights and tools to help you navigate the unknowns in your leadership journey with confidence.

Elevate Your Leadership

In the world of business, effective leadership is the compass that guides your company to success. Elevate your leadership skills and become the vision-driven entrepreneur your team and business need.

Time Mastery For Entrepreneurs

Running a business often involves juggling a hundred tasks at once, and finding more time can seem like a distant dream. But when you learn to Superabound your time, you accomplish the things that truly matter. Join this one-hour workshop designed for entrepreneurs who crave more hours in the day without sacrificing quality in their business.

Getting Real Rest

In the excitement of running a business, it's easy to forget the importance of getting real rest. We’re not talking about the occasional power nap at your desk so you can keep grinding on; we mean genuine, rejuvenating rest that fuels your entrepreneurial spirit. 

Why self-paced:

Training events or workshops can give you lots of information, but it's hard to turn all of it into actual systems that change the way work gets done.

By taking Grow Smooth as a self-paced course with interactive workshops and a community, you will have time to absorb the information and implement it without rushing on to the next topic or missing something important.

And since you will have access to the course for a full year, you will have plenty of time to revisit topics and reapply them as your business evolves.

Your Coaches

Erin and Steve on the couch smallErin Aquin is a Master Certified Coach who has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs stop overworking and create their "True Love Business." She is the author of three books and the co-host of the Superabound Podcast. Erin has taken her company from a part-time side business to a multiple six-figure corporation that has done around $1,000,000 in under 3 years.

Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach Steve Haase has helped hundreds of business owners generate millions of dollars in increased revenue over the last decade. Before becoming a coach he led teams at unicorn tech companies HubSpot and Shopify, delivering $30 million in annual recurring revenue.

They met in a spiritual community and have been offering personal development courses and programs together for over a decade. They live in a beautiful town near a river in southern Ontario with their two young children. When they're not coaching they love to travel, make music, and take great care of themselves.

Your investment

For less than $200 a month you will have access to a program that has helped us and our clients make millions of dollars over the last 3 years—along with coaching support, normally reserved for our high-end Mastermind and private clients, which starts at $10,000 per program.

Grow Smooth is just $1,997 USD.



Frequently asked questions

I live outside the US, can I pay in a different currency?
Yes. Our online cart converts to most world currencies and will add applicable taxes. Please note: as our business operates in Canada, addresses in Canada will have sales tax included.
Where is the community hosted?
The Grow Smooth community within the Superabound Collective is a custom-built community, and is not hosted on Facebook or Slack. The community opens in late April
When are the monthly workshop calls?
Monthly calls will shift to accommodate different schedules and time zones. The times will be posted several weeks in advance and all replays will be accessible in the community.
Do you offer installment payments for the course?
We are not currently offering payments at this time.