The Benefits of Being a Coach

2 Minutes Read

Over the past few weeks we have been sharing all the benefits of becoming a Superabound Certified Coach for the company you work for (if you are a leader) or your clients (if you are a freelance coach or consultant).

But perhaps you are wondering what is in it for you personally?

Today we want to share the whole truth of what life looks like for us as Superabound Coaches. 
First, the upside:
1. We set our own hours (no working into the evening, Fridays or weekends)

2. We can work from anywhere as long as we have a quiet space and a good wifi connection

3. Our team operates from our core vision and values and knows how to solve their own problems

4. Internal mistakes are seen as growth opportunities for us as a company (no blaming or shaming)

5. We only take on clients and companies who we believe in and are genuinely excited to support. We don't have a single misaligned or hard to manage client.

6. We have generated 3x more revenue each year than any former corporate job we used to have.

If you read that list and think "That is what I want. Sign me up!" just hold on a moment. These things didn't happen on their own. 

You need to know the next part.

What it took to get there:

1. Consistently upleveling our own training and professional development
so we could become the kinds of coaches our clients trust with any problem in any part of their life or business

2. Investing in our own support network and team. We have people who work with us on the backend of our business so we can focus our attention on our clients and creating new tools. We also self-invest with our own coaches to help us navigate the rollercoaster ride of life as business owners.

3. Renovating our entire business from the inside out... more than once. We have changed our structure, our niche, our methods many times along the way to provide coaching the way our clients need it. We have had to learn to be loyal to only our vision and our clients above all else and this has helped our coaching and our business evolve. But it has meant breaking away from the norm of our industry in many cases and going it alone.

4. Facing our own Static and Challenges every day. This one was probably the most important and the hardest by far. We have had to learn not only how to coach our clients powerfully, we have also had to learn how to use our own tools to support ourselves to figure out things we didn't know how to do, stay the course during tough times and take step after step to the next lantern ahead.

In short, to become coaches with a both a lifestyle and business we adore, it has taken a lot of work, heart and learning how to go towards the discomfort most people avoid. Every single person in the Superabound Coach Certification is signing up to do these four things in a way, because you can't meet people at a depth you haven't been. 

This is not just another certification to put on your resume.

The Superabound Coach Certification is going to help you become a world-class coach and leader so you can help your clients or your team without doing the work for them.

There is no job we would rather have in this world. And if you are ready to feel the same, there is still time to join us for this special program.

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