Listening to your Intuition

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The first time I stopped listening to the "experts" and started listening to my intuition was on a consultation with a potential client. 

Up until that point in my coaching business I was fumbling around trying to help guide my podcast listeners, readers and community along the path towards working with me one on one.

But to me it felt more like I was climbing into a sewage pipe consult after consult forcing myself to wade through the muck and dodge the rats as though that were the only path available to my goal.

On that particular call, it occurred to me, I really liked this woman, not just as a potential client...but as a human.

We had an instant connection and I knew that not only could I help her, but I could do it with love, humor and showing her over and over again what an incredible contribution her work could have on the world if she would just be a little kinder to herself.

In that instant, I started listening to my intuition and trusting myself to be a human and stop trying to wade through someone else's system when it felt like a sewer to me (if you missed my podcast episode, Permission to Be Human, listen here).

I have worked with that same amazing client for over 2 years and it never would have happened if I hadn't been willing to find a different path that was more appealing and natural.

Entrepreneurs are superheroes. We are willing to do what very few are in order to make our dreams come true and impact the world in wonderful ways.

But just because you can handle the sewer doesn't mean you should.

Maybe there is another more fitting way for you to reach your next milestone.

If you are ready to find it, I am here to help.

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