Keeping Commitments to Yourself {VIDEO}

1 Minute Read

When it comes to sticking to your commitments to yourself, are you any good at it?

Tonight I sat down to record the video below and share a few important things we are learning in the Off the Backburner Challenge.

I knew it was risky to try and record the video while my whole family was home and my kids might be loud, but it was on my calendar and I was committed to it.

I covered so many important things including:

  • the obstacles to achieving your goals and creating habits
  • why waiting to be moved by "authentic" thoughts is a losing game
  • the thoughts you believe that are not helping you
  • how working on your goals is a trust building exercise with yourself

meanwhile my kids were both. melting. down.

If you watch, you will see a few moments where I pause and think

"Is everything okay out there?"

"Should I stop the recording/ run out to see what is happening/ scratch this whole project?"

Part of me wanted to.

But in that moment, I knew my amazing husband had everything under control (or else he would be calling for me to help him) and I was committed this time I had given myself to work.

I also knew that even though the video wouldn't be a high enough quality that I could use it for one of my classes, the content would be helpful to those of you ready to rethink habits and goal-setting, not to mention amusing to those of you who know what it's like to have your kids meltdown while you are working from home.

I don't always do this perfectly, but today I took my own advice even during an epic two child meltdown and it was caught on tape. :)

Enjoy and share your questions and your thoughts in the comments below.

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