How to Build a Meditation Habit When You Are a Busy Business Owner

4 Minutes Read

Chances are you already know that meditation is good for you.

Maybe you have tried a few different styles over the years, told yourself it was useful, but then like most business owners, things got busy.

I get it. 

Even as a former full time yoga and meditation teacher it can be challenging to carve out time to sit and "do nothing" when I know there are ten things waiting for me in my inbox to do immediately after.

Here is the thing:

You need meditation precisely because of that ever-growing list in your business and life.

Of course, classical meditation practices have merit and beauty all on their own, but personally, if a spiritual practice doesn't also have practical benefits in my life, I probably won't make space for it (that's a big reason why we are teaching you five different meditations we think every business leader needs here).

As a business owner or leader in a company you have to be selective about what gets your time and attention when you are trying to bring a new business idea to life. It takes immense creative and emotional energy to lead your team and your clients in ways that make your company an ongoing success.

And while many forms of meditation can help sustain you, most practices aren't a "quick fix" and require some effort upfront to build a habit before you feel the subtle shifts that ripple out into your life.

So how do you build this as a habit?

1. Ease into it. I have watched too many people give up on meditation because they attempted to go from nothing to an hour a day of practice. I know as a business owner you might be used to giving your all when you make a commitment, but remember, meditation is there to support you. 

If you have never meditated before, start with 10-30 minutes a few days a week. Sure, you could sign up for a 10 day silent retreat and dive in deep. But after decades of teaching people to meditate, I will tell you most people who start that way drop it immediately when they come home because they didn't have the lifestyle to support even an hour a day of meditation.

When you are trying to run a business and have a life, don't turn meditation into another project or task. While long meditation sessions and retreats are wonderful and can be built up to, if you are attempting something that isn't practical for your life right now, it will be harder to stick with and you probably won't. Our 5-Day meditation exploration for entrepreneurs comes with 6 months of replay access so you can take your time and build your habit well.

2. Try different practice styles to find what resonates. The truth is there are countless ways to practice and many spiritual and wellness systems that teach some form of meditation. You probably won't resonate with most of them. Rather than searching for a needle in a haystack, Steve and I have put our top 5 meditations for business owners together over five classes so you can find one or a combo of them that will help you build a more regular practice. You can try them all here.

3. Utilize smart accountability. Did you miss our podcast episode on smart accountability here? Having the support of other people in your meditation practice, whether it is a virtual group or guided audios, can be a huge boost to your habit building. In our 5-Day Meditation Exploration, you will get the group energy whether you join us live or practice with the recording later. There is a special magic when you know that the people in front of you or in your earbuds get what you are going through as fellow business owners. And in our meditation class, it is a chance for us to be in a space together that isn't about achievements or metrics, but is instead about tending our inner flame.

4. Pay for it. I want to say first, there are beautiful free meditations out there, and many religious and spiritual traditions that teach their own form of meditation do so as part of their acts of service. I am in no way saying that a free meditation is not valuable.

However, when it comes to building a new habit, personally, paying for a teacher or a class is a sure fire way to get me to USE it. When I was a yoga teacher I had access to free classes and workouts at plenty of different places. Even if I planned to go to the gym or a class, any hint of inerita was enough for me to skip it. I didn't think of myself as a "workout person" because I wasn't.

Now, I have a Peloton and pay for a monthly membership that includes cross training and have never been more dedicated or stronger in my life than I am now at 40. Did I suddenly fall madly in love with lifting weights and cardio? 

No. It is still hard, and I have days when I would prefer to skip my workout, but knowing I pay for that membership and want to make full use of it, I have been able to overcome any case of the "I-don't-wanna's".

Now working out is a habit in my life. And I have done it long enough to feel and see the benefits which creates a positive habit loop for me.

The same thing can happen for you with meditation, and knowing you paid for it can be a motivating factor to actually use it and build the habit. And at the end of the day, building a habit always costs something. 

You can build your meditation habit paying with your time and energy as you scour the internet in hopes of landing on something that resonates with you.

Or you can invest a few bucks to get something already vetted by two people that have spent decades practicing. To be completely transparent, that is the one and only reason our 5-day Meditation Exploration class costs $18. We hope it entices your brain to actually use the classes and save yourself hundreds of hours doing research that Steve and I have already done for you.

Come and build your meditation habit with us. For a very purposeful $18 you will get 5 days of practice that you can join live or do with the recording plus 6 months of access afterwards. Click here to join, the class starts soon.