Are You Stuck In The Past?

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man-covering-face-with-handsRelationships are not always simple or easy.

In fact if you have put your heart on the line and been in love, chances are you have also felt the sting of loss, rejection, anger and pain.

Every relationship ends.

Even the one's that are beautiful and magical end because life in this body doesn't last forever.

That is part of the deal we sign up for humans who decide to choose to feel love.

But sometimes relationships end and it isn't your choice. You are mad at your ex for what they did (or what they failed to do).

You feel unworthy, unlovable and make their decision mean something negative about you.

When those thoughts and feelings go unprocessed it is very likely that you will drag that drama into your next relationship and play the whole thing out again, sometimes punishing someone who doesn't deserve it and are just trying to love you.

This week I want to give you the first step to stop that cycle of drama. Listen to the episode and do the exercise here. Don't just think about the exercise, actually DO it.

Afterwards you will have more insight and clarity and if you want to take it further, request a free consultation with me and I will tell you how I can teach you how to give yourself and your partner a clean slate, free from the past.

You both deserve that.