A Love Letter From the Oracle on Goals

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I work with my Oracle a lot (if you haven't heard me use that term, The Oracle is the affectionate term I use for the wiser, future version of me).

I sit down for coffee with her and ask her specific questions about a challenge I am working on or for clarity often. Sometimes she coaches me, sometimes she gives me clear and direct instructions. Usually this happens within a container I have created in my day for this exchange.

Sometimes, however she busts through with an impromptu message and urges me to share it because it is going to mean something to someone who sees it.

Tonight during my new moon ritual she asked me to share this with as many people as possible. If it is meant for you, you will know because it will resonate deeply. 

New Moon Love Letter From the Oracle:

The next goal you set gets to be for your own personal delight.

While the world is setting big goals for the year ahead, abstaining from one habit or trading up for a new one, this is your reminder:

Your goal, can just be for fun.

(Yes, even your business goals)

Too many people make their yearly goals as a reaction to something they don't want and the way they assume they will feel.

They want to hit the same revenue goal their best friend does in hopes that they won't feel so inadequate.

They want to repair their rocky relationship in hopes of avoiding ever feeling alone.

They want to change the shape of their body with a new diet or workout regime in hopes of looking in the mirror and feeling love towards the person they see.

This isn't how it works.

I know you already know this.

You know that money doesn't make you feel worthy.

A long-term relationship doesn't mean its healthy nor can it prevent loneliness.

And, what you see in the mirror will never change how you feel about yourself if you are only working on the veneer of what you are looking at.

You know all this, and yet, because you are swimming in a sea of people making reactionary goals it's easy to slip into the same.

So take a moment and re-think your goal through the lens of your own delight.

If you weren't trying to fix yourself, what would be a delight for you to create in 2022?

What would you do, that even if it is going to be a challenge, feels like a gift you were giving to yourself today and in the future?

The one that gives you chills is it.

Go do that.

And have fun.

With Love from my Oracle to you,

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