Bonus Episode: Oracle Hour Party

1 Minute Read

You are invited to a mystical, magical online party! This is a business event like no other that will help you bring more intuition and joy to your work. Join the guest list here.

Bring any issues you're facing with sales, marketing, team dynamics, customer success, branding, vision and values, or money, just to name a few. If something in your business could use a magical infusion, get on the guest list here

Who this is for:

  • Business owners and creators who want to unlock a more intuitive approach to growth
  • Folks who love the mystical but also know they have to actively collaborate with the Universe/Divine (however you define it) in order to make business magic
  • Entrepreneurs who want to have FUN—this is going to be a party, come ready to hang out with an open, smiling heart

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