Ep 208: Resilience Magic

1 Minute Read

If you struggle with losing momentum in your business, if the voice of fear and doubt in your head makes you question if you’re on the right path, today’s episode will mark a new chapter in your business growth.

Erin and Steve share their most effective strategies for creating “resilience magic,” protecting your energy, and tapping into your intuition.

You will learn:

  • How resilience magic is different from “pushing through the pain,” which so many entrepreneurs do, often with disastrous consequences
  • Why your spiritual life and work in the world are not two separate things, but your spirituality can transform how you handle setbacks and challenges in your life
  • Which questions activate your magic and which ones shut it down
  • How to set up your day-to-day life to build self-knowledge and resilience in your work as a business owner and entrepreneur

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