Ep 191: Manifest Your Desires

1 Minute Read

Today we are talking about all things magic and manifestation.

I work with so many Coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs who love the concept of using magic and manifestation in their business but have no idea how to get started.

On this episode you will learn:

  • the two things you must embrace before your manifestations will be effective
  • how my million dollar manifestation unfolded and the question that made it possible
  • why you are already more magical than you know
  • how to use these tools even if you find all of this a little too whimsical

    Mentioned in this episode: The Home Frequency meditation by Devin Hunter from his book The Witches Book of Power (which I love and highly recommend)

After you listen, join the free 5 day magic and manifestation challenge and learn my top 5 tools for manifesting your True Love Business.

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