EP 186: Create your True Love Business in 2022

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In my conversation today with my husband and co-founder Steve Haase, we are sharing our insights on how to stop settling in your business and create alignment or what I call a "true love" business

It sounds pretty, but it is not always easy, especially if the business you have right now is making money.

In this episode you will learn:

  • how to learn from the past so you can create a business you love in 2022
  • how to create your dream business from a higher context
  • how I can help you go from "stuck" to a true love business in 4 months
  • a simple exercise to get you aligned to your future business

As Coaches, we know that one of the most beautiful parts of our work is creating a business that not only impacts the world for the better, but makes our personal lives incredible too.

Steve and I are ready to share everything we know.

And if you are ready to create your true love business in 2022, join me for the process that will get you there now
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