291: How to Channel Content for Your Business

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Your business needs content to grow. And you don't have to train your own AI for it, you may just need to learn how to channel your content.

Whether you believe in spirits or not, we can all learn to connect with deeper levels of ourselves and the ideas that matter to our customers. That's what we dive into on this week's episode of the podcast.

You will discover:

  • An exercise that will help you get past self-judgment and procrastination and actually create content that matters
  • Why meditation helps you go deeper in business, and how to be open to creative prompting from within
  • How to build trust in your ability to channel content—and why it makes life as a whole that much more enjoyable


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Full Transcript

Steve Haase  0:01  
Welcome to the Superabound podcast with master coaches Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, where business owners like you learn tools that help you clarify vision, clear up static and overcome challenges. You are listening to episode number 291: How to channel content for your business. If you own a business you need to create, you are creating content, whether it's for social media, for your blog posts, or even internally for the people that you work with. And the more inspiring, clear, focused original, true that content is, the more effective it's going to be. In today's episode, we dive into how to do that in a non traditional kind of way you may have heard of channeling as a spiritual practice as a thing that some people can do. Well, Erin has a lot of experience with it, I have experienced with it as well. And we are going to talk you through what we do to bring the most interesting things that we're aware of into the world. And how that GPT Chat GPT a kind of esoteric practice, but is actually a relationship of sorts, a reciprocal process that you can engage in. With the universe with your spirit guides, however, you want to think about that, to bring more of yourself to your work and ultimately grow your business in a way that feels very aligned to you. Part of what we offer to help people do this is in the Superabound Life membership. You can learn more about that program and the courses that we have and the classes that we offer over at besuperabound.com/life. Let's dive in.
Today we're going to talk about channeling channeling ideas, channeling content. Businesses need information to grow and thrive. And so that might look like how to handle certain challenges that are happening with employees with relationships, it could look like how to create content. The Internet needs content And if you're going to be standing out in people's minds, being present in a way that is powerful and reflects who you are, is a great way to do that. Erin happens to be quite experienced with channeling content. And a lot of people feel the opposite. They kind of have a block around it and they think I can't do it. It takes me so long. Let me just chat GPT, Chat GPT is so much better than I am.

Erin Aquin  2:57  
How I'm better than spirits, though. Right?

Steve Haase  3:00  
So without becoming modern day John Henrys about it and dying with a keyboard in our hand rather than just letting the machine do the job. How do we stand out? How do we create great material? With help from the spirit realm? Yeah.

Erin Aquin  3:18  
Okay. So first of all, this is something I rarely talk about, just because I think there are some pockets of the new agey movement that have kind of given channeling a really weird rap reputation. And so, even though, it's so funny, like even though I'm a witch, and I'm telling you it's not a secret, it's, it's, I'm part of a religion. And we do a lot of Spirit work. But I know when people start talking about channeling, it can seem like almost too woowoo and new agey, and I don't know I'm like a big new agey kind of person. It sounds weird, but I just think that a lot of times, there's folks who not not to like throw shade. But then there's people that really do pick up like a manifestation technique and channeling and they're gonna like talk to their spirit guides suddenly without understanding the deeper esoteric or open like they don't educate themselves on kind of where this came from. They're not doing it with reverence to the traditions that this this work comes from and the preservation of various schools. They're just like, I don't know I I read about it on in a book or I learned it on Tik Tok. And that's all I need to know. Like now I am As an expert, so I don't talk about it because I don't want to lump myself in with, with people who do that. However, I do believe that these are tools and techniques that really are available to everyone. I don't think you need to go and pay 1000s of dollars to learn, channeling, I think that something you have access to sitting in your seat right now. And it does require a level of reverence and practice and basic energy protection. So just like you wouldn't just take advice from any random person on your business. I don't think you should be taking advice from any random spirit, energy or voice in your mind, however you think about it. So I'm not here to debate the realness or not of it. Because the truth is, I don't know. I don't know for sure how this works. I do know that if you want to be using, in my opinion, if you want to be using spiritual techniques in your business, it is really important that you do that in a way that's respectful that you do that with a basis, a basic foundation of meditation. So if you've never meditated in your life, maybe spend a month or two, taking 10 minutes 20 minutes to sit, and learning how to learn how to be so learn how to be with your own self. We have so many meditations inside of Superabound Life, which is you can get access to that for very nominal monthly fee. We will walk you through that we'll teach you that if you're if our folks who are in that we can actually walk you through a channeling meditation if you're interested. But all of this to say, I don't recommend you just listen to a podcast like this and dive right in if this is not something that's already part of your practice. Nor do you need 20 years of training to do it. Sorry for that long intro. Now,

Steve Haase  7:25  
it's important stuff because yeah, both sides are not helpful. If you think you need to wait decades more until you can actually channel something they are you can create from a transcendent place from a place that rings so true, that it's going to speak to the people that you want to reach. That's not true. But if if you also think that to work with energies, like this is just a matter of turning on the faucet. That's not true either, right? There's a certain amount of

Erin Aquin  8:04  
solute volume, but you'll burn yourself out. Like you can just turn on the faucet and say, Okay, I'm wide open spirits tell me what you got, or Cosmos tells me to our higher self, tell me what you got. If you're not able to ground that, that's where people get into like weird situations. So, yes,

Steve Haase  8:27  
it's got to be sustainable. That'd

Erin Aquin  8:28  
be sustainable. I do recommend a foundation of meditation, I do recommend some study I learned this through teachers, pagan teachers. So those would be the resources I would recommend because they often have a deeper understanding of occult traditions. But I know that there are mystics of other religions that do this as well and can teach you like you can find container for your spiritual practice and your spiritual beliefs that will be able to help guide you and take you further. But the basics you know, if I were doing this as a workshop, which we might do this workshop, do you go this is a workshop in our membership. It is having that foundation of meditation and also the mindset piece of believing that it does not always have that everything you create doesn't always have to come from your own toiling. So a really big mindset shift that I work with clients on in creative capacity is dismantling the belief that good quality content, takes a lot of time takes a lot of thinking takes a lot of toiling. I use a technique sometimes with people called seven minute marketing And if they are not like long term meditators, I guide them through this. But we can even pull like a tarot card or an Oracle Card and say, Could shuffle that deck and say, Okay, what do what does my client? What do my clients needs here today? What do my customers need to hear from me to let them know that I'm a safe person to work with that I'm going to be able to help them. And we can shuffle those cards and pull a card, you could do this with a spiritual book, you could just like pick a passage from a spiritual book, you could do this with basically anything. But if you don't have a tool available for you, it can be as simple as sitting quietly connecting with the guides you have for your business, connecting with the big vision, you have the values you have, and saying I'm open to receiving the the imagery, the symbolism, the words that my audience needs to hear today. Sometimes I will write these in my own, I mean, they come through my own voice. But sometimes I will write love letters from the Oracle, which is direct channeling, it's the message that I am getting put on paper for my people, and I'm never honestly sure who exactly it's for. But I always hear from somebody that like, you were speaking directly to me today. And it wasn't me, I'm like just kind of the intermediary. But it's a really neat thing to do. And it doesn't take a lot of time, it doesn't take a lot of personal energy, you always want to ground, you always want to thank you always want to offer gratitude towards that. That spirit or that energy, however you like to think about it, or that higher or more divine self. But it really isn't. Work, doesn't feel like work.

Steve Haase  12:09  
It sounds like a fundamental piece of that. And maybe this is where the meditation comes in is in the openness, that you're kind of thinking brain is not in the driver's seat, you're not trying to put the pieces together or, or create something that will, you know, other can will hopefully accept but you're actually tapping into just a different way of thinking a different way of seeing. And, and you could you could say there are spirits involved or guides or allies involved. But like, if you were to look at the neuroscience of it, I bet there would be a decrease in kind of the, you know, the rational, logical thinking, let's put it all together part and maybe an increase in the intuitive flowing, more kind of visual side of things. If I were to, if I were to do some pseudo science on it, I

Erin Aquin  13:05  
don't know, never strap myself in to the brain probes. And I mean, the thing to know here is I'm sharing how it works for me. There's different levels of like, what you might call psychic. Knowing some people get very strong visuals, they get very strong images. Some people want to say hear voices, that sounds maybe not okay. I get like fully formed thoughts. It's not like I'm thinking through something like a whole thought will pop into my head. Not like I'm hearing it but as words. So that's how I receive it. And I know I have I have friends who they will just get like a series of symbols that they sort of translate that are specific to them. Again, it all sounds kind of if this is brand new for you, or you don't believe in it, that's totally fine. Maybe isn't your maybe it's not your way of channeling, maybe you just do this so naturally. And it's it comes through your creative process, and you just set the conditions and that's how it happens. But I really have loved making this a more conscious practice. Rather than, you know, some people will talk about, like how the Muse just comes and you'll get like a beautiful idea that drops in three in the morning. I have had that happen. And one of the biggest mindset shifts for me is that I control the volume dial. Yes, sometimes things will come in and there'll be a very loud idea. But I never think about those moments as this is the only time I'm going to be offered this idea and if I don't capture it now I've lost it because then it puts the power outside of me into the spiritual realm that maybe we could never fully cognitively understand. If I believe that All they have to do is get into a position where I'm receptive. And that's when these these things are available. That's a, that's a wonderful thing. There's another piece to this, that I'm, I need to put, I need to really stress this. This does not happen in a way that is healthy for people unless they are feeling like they're in the driver's seat. And that actually takes a level of trust and self discipline that many people I don't know if they really want to commit to it.

Steve Haase  15:47  
Can you say more about the trust and self discipline involved? Like what is the commitment to being in the driver's seat? Okay, so

Erin Aquin  15:55  
it's a relationship. So whether however you think about it, and I again, I'm not, I'm not pinning down like, it's a spirit guide, or it's a Divine Being or it's a version of your higher self, I just don't totally know, I just know what it feels like for me. And I know that when I listen, it's usually good stuff. It's usually good content, it's usually good ideas. But if you think about it, like let's just say it's a relationship you are having with some aspect of spirit. If you treat that friend, like crap, and you're just like, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what you got. For me. It's sort of like when people talk about, like, the universe is my ATM, the universe is not your ATM, it is not a thing to be used for your personal gain. It's a collaborative relationship. So if you get a million wonderful ideas from a person that you never actually put out into the world, you know, if you are one of those people that will channel something, and then it will sit on your desktop. It's meant for someone and you are too scared to post it. At some point, you're not going to have the same clear relationship with that energy that's giving you ideas. You can't neglect, you can't I think that's the thing is you can't have it both ways. You can't go see your spirit pile. And expect that really beautiful and amazing ideas are gonna come because I think it was a list. I like Elizabeth Gilbert Gilbert's book, Big Magic. Because if you deny that energy that wants to come into the world, it will just go to somebody else, someone else will make a habit.

Steve Haase  17:46  
But in the word that keeps coming to mind as you share this as trust, where there's trust in that relationship, even though you might feel scared to share something because it is so real vulnerable, powerful. There is trust that it is for for you, right that it is actually part of your request to the universe to work through you to bring powerful things to the world through your work. And and if you then kind of block that or aren't as clear as you could be, then then the signal, the signal will start to fray and it just won't be as much of a part of your life, it won't, it won't be there to express itself because you aren't kind of creating that channel and building the the pathway for it to make its way into the world.

Erin Aquin  18:42  
Yeah, and I want to make sure no one misunderstands this as saying like that, you shouldn't filter things sometimes, you know, you are still the person who's going to be responsible for putting something out into the world. So you don't want to get into a situation where you're saying, Oh, well, my spirit had this really hate fueled message that I had to put out. And if I don't do it, then I'm you know, that's probably not a spirit guide. That might just be some. So you have to be discerning, of course, you are in the driver's seat, you are the one ultimately responsible for what gets produced in the world. But if you're stopping the flow, and you're not contributing to the relationship, because of your own mindset, blockage, because of your own internal static, it will just be harder to it's, you know, you can think of this also for if spirit guides and channeling and all of that is not comfortable for you. That's okay. You could just think of this as your intuition. You cannot strengthen intuition. If you never act on or follow through with the messages you're getting. There's no way we can tell if our what our intuition is offering us if we don't Don't actually do something about it. And that is a that is a piece of this. Now, I don't suggest you like consult, if you've never done this kind of work. We're not like consulting spirit on every single thing at first. That's definitely not what we're talking about. That is something you want more training on, you want to have a teacher or a mentor in that. That world for you. But when it comes to content for your business, ideas for how to grow, big part of our book came from channeled tools. You know that it wasn't like, let's sit down and think of a way. Steve, let's think of a way we could talk about people's internal mindset drama. Hmm. was like, no, what is that? What does that really feel like? Let's open up. And one of the visuals that came to us was heavy bowling ball in a backpack as someone was hiking up a hill. We were like, what would that be called? Another visual that came to us was like, what if you were to step into an old timey TV between station with that snowy fuzz and like it's static? And so these ideas, these for you some images, for me some words that came through informed the framework for a lot of the tools we use? Yeah.

Steve Haase  21:37  
So to you know, to speak to the question, how do you use channeling for your business? It sounds like, as we're even just unpacking this question here, the first step is to have your own foundation in stillness, in silence, spaciousness, being grounded, that is often called meditation, but it's some kind of a practice of presence, introspection, stillness. Because without that, it's hard to tell the signal from the noise, there's a lot of noise in our brains, there's a lot of ways that we kind of get in our own way. And so having the ability to step out of your own way to know what the mind sounds like, versus something that really wants to come forward, is is the foundation. With that in place, making the request that I want something inspiring, I want something powerful, I want to bring forth this wisdom and power from the Universe into the world. So making that request, receiving it, being out of the way enough to actually let it come through, and then not just receive it, and kind of guarded, but actually present it in in ways that will require some kind of work, not necessarily toil and struggle, but our book took years of putting there was toil and struggle, there was some toil, there was some time. And yeah, sometimes it will take work, it will be a bit tedious to kind of take that step from I have this inspiration to now it is yours, to to receive.

Erin Aquin  23:30  
But that's Yeah becomes the offering because the like, you know, the work to create it in the world is going to be yours to do whether it's five minutes to write a really powerful message on social media or whether it's a couple of years to write a book. That is the offering of respect. That is the collaboration with the universe. That's a not saying, I just want a really nice idea that I can hold tightly and feel good about it saying, Okay, you gave me the idea. And you want this to be out in the world. I want this to be out in the world. So I'm willing to do the tangible work because I'm the one with the body. And the core, corporeal, corporeal, right? Yeah, I'm the I'm the one living in this earthly body. So I'm the one that's going to do it. And you have to kind of uphold that part of the relationship in order for more of it to be available. I mean, it's interesting. A lot of people asked us how we were able to maintain such a creative schedule, even when we were writing, we still had a podcast every week. We were still posting all the time on social media. We were creating tools we were creating classes, because I'm like, well, that spirit, the spirit of our of our our business as a spiritual Practice is lighting us with more ideas because it can see that we are like a great, we're a channel, we are a channel for that energy to be out in the world and see that we're serious about it. So, yes, you can do beautiful offerings of gratitude you can which is love their offerings, you love to light candles and, and have the incense and leave things on the altar for spirit. But the best offering is your work in the world, in my opinion. So that will also establish more trust, you will see the fruit of that in your mundane life, you'll have that deeper relationship and having support having people you can talk to having mentors, teachers, I just deciding this right now we are going to do a channeling class for our members. So at this moment the membership is is open, you can join at beSuperabound.com/life. And that is our monthly membership, you can join if you only want to come for that class, you can just come in stay for a month, you get access to yoga, meditation, various spiritual and magical classes, community, a community, a very nice community of people. And we can play with this as a tool together for however long you're in the membership, we can support you it is helpful to have people to bounce ideas off of people who do this regularly. Or it's not a big deal for us. You know, we're talking about something that a lot of people would like, ooh, mysterious, and very woowoo. And I'm like, Oh, it's just, this is available to everyone. It is another tool. It's another piece of understanding your own magic and world. So I'd love to see you there. This is interesting to you.

Steve Haase  27:01  
Come join us. Erin, thank you for sharing your wisdom on it. And yeah, it's a practice that will help you grow as a human being it will help you feel more connected to your own Higher Self, your own essence and will make your business that much more an expression of your uniqueness, your presence, your your Embodied Reality in this world. So do it. We highly recommend that we can't wait to support you in that come join us in Superabound Life and we'll talk to you next time. Take care