Meet Your
Visionary Self

Discover a new approach to building your business without overworking

Superabound coaching programs are for you if...

  • Your business feels more like a calling than a company, and you want to make sure it succeeds
  • You want to grow your business and love your life, creating the harmony between them that many entrepreneurs and leaders struggle to realize
  • You want to live at your own edge, and know that coaching can help you get there

If you have a vision for how your business and leadership can change people's lives, you're in the right place.

How you'll grow

Consistent Progress
Discover a proven method for clarifying your vision, removing inner obstacles, and taking consistent steps towards your next big milestone.
Emotional Skill
Emotions are not a distraction. They are pointers towards deeper truths. Learning how to use them will transform your leadership and your life.
Fresh Thinking
Superabound coaching will help you free up new perspectives and thoughts, through a dedicated thinking partner who understands your business.

Get master-level coaching for yourself or your team, without a large up-front investmentJTS_0634

The way coaching is sold these days is broken. The fact that most coaches or programs require a big investment after only a short phone call is not good for clients or for the coaching industry. That's why you won't find any high-pressure sales calls here.

Here's the Superabound method for getting started with coaching:

  1. You hop on a call with your preferred coach (or both of us) for a 30-minute meeting with your Visionary Self, where we take a new approach to your goals and you see how it would feel to work with us.
  2. If everyone is a yes for moving forward, you get a 3-session discovery package for $1,000 consisting of 3 coaching sessions to dig into any area you would like to focus on in your business and life. At the end you will have a clear idea for moving towards your most important Lantern, which you can take with you.
  3. Only after you've had a chance to work with us and have a clear picture of what the next 6-12 months of progress will include would you make the investment in a longer-term relationship. Your payment for the discovery package is then applied towards the full VIP coaching engagement, which is $15,000 USD.

It's that simple. 

What you get

  • A Superabound VIP package includes 20 sessions, 45 minutes each via Zoom, over 6 months with a dedicated coach to support you in business and life.
  • You also receive text or voice coaching in between sessions to help you settle into the new habits and changes you explore during coaching sessions.
  • It also includes full access to our Grow Smooth for Lean Teams program ($1,997 value), with content, workshops, and a community to help you create your own success spiral using a unique approach to leadership training and business building.

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Custom Programs for Your Company

Are you interested in a team training, retreat, or having Steve and Erin speak at your event? We would love to hear more and see if it is a fit. It's the same process of free Visionary Meeting followed by a paid discovery package. The creation of a proposal would follow. Email with any questions and we'll get back to you right away.