Two Pages Every Business Needs To Attract Aligned Customers

3 Minutes Read

You already know you need a website.

But if you aren't attracting aligned, paying customers into your business because of your website it might be that you are missing one or both of these important pages.

In this short and actionable tutorial we are going to show two pages you can improve in a matter of hours to make your website part of your relationship-based sales process (something we often teach our VIP clients)

1. A Better About Page

You might be thinking, "Really?? Does anyone actually read my bio or my business history?"

The truth is. Probably not.

Especially if your "About" page is only about you and your life story and isn't relevant to the product or service you sell. For instance, if a potential client is pursuing my website looking for a Business & Life Coach, they probably don't care about all the yoga teacher trainings I have led, the knitting project I have on the go, or that I was once a tour manager for a band. Those are fun facts about me, but unless I can package them in a way that speaks to the real need my future client has, they aren't worth the real estate on my website.

At Superabound, we have recently rewritten our "About" page and a question we asked ourselves while creating it was, "How can we speak directly to our favorite clients as we share what we do and how we do it?" As coaches, I do think it is worth sharing how we work with our clients, our Vision and some of our most important values. 
You can have a look at our page as an example here. Notice that we have our Vision and values presented clearly and explain why they are FOR our clients and the companies we work for. 

Bottom Line: While your "About" page is about you and your company, it should be the "need to know" info so your best clients can not only understand what you are about but see themselves, their dreams, values and aspirations reflected in your business. If you review your About page and don't feel like it would inspire your best client to buy from you, it is time for a rewrite.

2. A Transparent Sales Page

There are many folks, especially in service based industries, that insist you should never share the details of your services or pricing until someone gets on a sales call. I vehemently disagree. Mostly because I don't buy that way when I am a consumer and think it would be out of integrity to sell that way in my business.

At Superabound we have decided to create a sales page for our classes with all the costs displayed. And for our VIP one-to-one packages—which are a higher investment—we have a way for potential clients to dip their toe in with a paid 3-session discovery package, so they can get the full experience of working with us before they commit to a longer coaching engagement. In fact, the only thing we don't list the price of is bespoke coaching, speaking or training packages since we need more information from the company planning to work with us before we can create an offer. You can see how we present all of this here.

Even if you don't have higher ticket items, if you are getting a lot of visits to your sales page but not many customer conversions, chances are that folks have questions the page isn't answering. That or they aren't being shown the value of your product or service in a way that inspires them to buy without using fear tactics to get sales or sounding like an 80s infomercial.

Bottom Line: When it comes to your Sales Page, don't ask your potential clients to do the heavy lifting. Not everyone wants to get on a sales call just to learn the price. They probably don't want to email you either to get a question answered. Spell the whole process out for them. Answer the frequently asked questions. Share the value of what you are selling and who exactly it is for. Make it easy for your customers to see themselves in what you are offering and treat them like the smart, capable people they are. Avoid sales tactics that you would never want thrown your way as a customer.  

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