This 'Date' Will Blow Your Mind

1 Minute Read
If you are following the podcast on Facebook then you
may have caught this, but someone recently asked me: 

"What happens on one of these 'Life Coaching' consultations you are always talking about?"

I told them:

 "It's kind of like a first date...except that the person you are going out with is future YOU."

For 45 minutes I facilitate a meeting where you get to know and hang out with an even sexier, more empowered, emotionally mature version of yourself.

AND that future version of yourself also happens to be an incredible partner because they truly love who they are.

(Fun Coaching Pro Tip: Once you LOVE and take care of yourself like you are the most important person in your life, having an incredible relationship is actually quite easy)

Then at the end of the consult you make a powerful decision.

Do you want to commit to that Future Self?

If the answer is yes, then, I as your Coach, teach you everything you need to know to ensure you become that person.

If that sounds amazing to you, I want to invite you to join me for your free consultation so you can meet the next version of yourself simply click here and book online.

I truly believe you deserve the gift of seeing what is possible in your future and spending time with that version of you. I would be honoured to show you.