The Secret of My Success

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I want to teach you the secret to my success today.
This is not only the thing that has helped me become a six-figure business owner and sought-after Master Certified Coach, but it has reshaped my marriage and personal life in unimaginable ways, beyond my wildest dreams.
And no, it's not some copywritten ten-step process, nor does it require inhumane hustle or jumping on the newest spiritual bandwagon.

It is simple; and everything I have that I have built can be traced to these three things.

Ready for my secret to success?
What you need to do is:
  • Invest in yourself
  • Care about people and making the world better
  • Become your own source of recognition
That is it.

But you really have to commit for the long haul.

Investing in yourself means you finally have to deal with all your fancy, artisanal excuses and obstacles that you keep putting between you and your goal. 
You have to look at what your beliefs, assumptions and expectations are creating for you and be vulnerable enough to admit when you have been wrong. 
You have to have your own back enough to invest in creating the life you want. For me this looks like 15 hours, minimum, per week of personal development work, nourishing self-care and, you guessed it, hiring my own team of coaches to help me continue to move forward relentlessly and lovingly.

Care about people and make the world better. It may sound cheesy, but when I die I want my last thought to be that who I was and what I created made this world a better place. I love people. I think we all deserve to have wildly beautiful relationships and I see all the self-sabotage and fairytale myths that prevent so many people from getting there.
Teaching people what I know is my passion and as I become more and more skilled and creative with my craft, the side effect is a six-figure business. 
Become your own source of recognition. This final one is by far the most challenging for my clients to grasp at first because, let's be honest, getting accolades from others is nice.
But when you thrive on the acknowledgement of others, you are creating an open loop that, if not closed, will have you leaking energy that can only be replenished with shiny gold stars from the world around you.
I have learned not to wait for anyone else to give me a gold star for a job well done. The truth is, no one else can ever know the depth and degree of inner work it takes you to create an outer success.
When you become your own source of recognition, you can own every single "win," big and small, even when it seems like no one else notices.
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