The Bad Habit I Am Giving Up as a CEO in 2024

2 Minutes Read

I have never been one for new year's resolutions. In fact, I have a project called Your Magical Life where instead of using pressure tactics to make changes in the lives of our members, we use Smart Accountability and talk about trying to build in some of the Superabound Coaching tools—namely Sustaining Rituals (which nourish mind, body, spirit and relationships), Personal Filters (building boundaries that protect our members' time and energy) and Visionary Practice (blending the spiritual and practical side of bringing big dreams to life).

It is an environment where self-shaming doesn't happen but community support does.

And I am about to lean on the community as I try to break a pattern that I slipped into this year little by little.

Here is what happened:

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to experiment with becoming more intentional and efficient in my business. We were growing and, while I was excited about all the new projects and clients, I noticed my work hours were creeping up to a point that I knew wasn't sustainable for myself.

And because I was and continue to be done with the burnout cycle, I created a challenge to reduce my work hours to 25-30 per week. 

It wasn't easy but it made me a better leader in my company because it forced me to come face-to-face and deal with all the ways we were inefficient and pouring time and energy into projects that weren't taking us closer to our Superabound Vision. I started tracking my time in our office and at my desk to keep me honest. 

Fast forward to this past year, Steve and I wrote a new book together (its coming out this summer) and my bad habit began. I started spending more time working on my laptop on my couch or at my kitchen counter than in my office. It wasn't a problem during the book process because my personal way of working is that when an idea strikes for a section, having my computer handy in my home is wonderful.

But now that our book is on its way to being published, I tend to only be in my office when I am working with a client. A few weeks ago I caught myself responding to emails and sending Slack messages to our team while only half-listening to my kids during their after-school snack. 

This was the kind of inefficient and less effective way of working I had shifted away from years ago and not at all the kind of focus I expect from myself as a CEO or a parent.

Without any self-scolding I decided that starting in January I would run a one-month experiment to see what happens when I shift out of this habit.

My computer lives in my office and that is the only place I work (unless it is being used by my business partner or for a client retreat).

I am committing to this for one month starting January 1, 2024. 

It might seem like no big deal to other CEOs but if you know me, you will know that trudging out to my office in the winter to do anything business related (such as writing this blog post, which I am doing on my couch instead of at my desk) is going to be a big pattern shift. I will be sharing more about this inside my monthly membership, Your Magical Life. If you are into magic, yoga, meditation and creating a life you are proud of, you can join this program right here.