Manifest Your Dreams By Ditching This Rule

2 Minutes Read
There is an idea in many magickal circles that you should "be silent" when it comes to the things you are trying to manifest and call into your life.
Of course this value makes a lot of sense when historically being open about who you are and the practices you engage in could get you into trouble (and sadly there are still a lot of people who do need to be silent in order to be and feel safe in their communities).
But there are some folks that say it isn't about safety at all, but that talking about your goals and your magick disperses the energy around it or gets other people's energy involved and ultimately works against your goal (I talk about this on Ep 195. Manifestation Accelerator of the podcast).
I have been experimenting with doing the opposite of being silent about my goals, both personally and professionally for about a year and the results for me, are in:
Call it magick, manifestation, visualizing or just plain old "deciding what you want your life to look like then creating it", talking about your dreams and your goals is powerful.
Sure, some people will tune out and not believe in you.
But YOUR people will be inspired by and likely amplify that energy.
Some will even directly support you to make it happen, especially if you spend time with other magickal entrepreneurs.
Every time I open my mouth and share a dream I have, it not only becomes more real to me, but a lot of the time, the person I am talking with holds the next clue to making it happen, whether it be a kind word, a roadblock I hadn't thought of, or a direct link to the exact resource I need next.
If you are being silent about the energy you put towards your big dreams because you don't feel safe, do what you need to do to become safe.
But if you are buying into old superstitions about needing to keep your deepest desires a secret, you might want to test that before you keep trudging down a path that keeps you stuck holding all your dreams alone without tangible or energetic support.

This is one of the reasons the True Love Business Accelerator exists. I want to not only give you a space to be coached and mentored to create the next big thing in your business, but I want to surround you with other people who will act as Manifestation Accelerators in your life. 

One of the most powerful things you can do for you business is learn how to create assets that help you deepen your relationship with your clients and community without you having to tend to every single relationship yourself. THIS is what having a podcast, inspiring social media posts, books, programs etc. can do for your business while authentically helping people in your world. 

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