How to Be a Trailblazer in Your Industry

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Amidst the internet noise, the constant barrage of marketing, and the hurdles many industries are facing right now, it is easy to have your message fade into the background of your customers' minds (if in fact they ever even hear your message in the first place). 

The truth is, your industry is probably full of well-intentioned business owners who do something similar to you.

Sadly the most popular "stand out" marketing tactic everyone seems to be using is one or a mix of these approaches:

1) Divisive and Aggressive prompting potential customers to open and buy through trying to make them feel like 💩. For instance:

"Your sales coach lied to you"
"Everything you learned about running a business is WRONG"
"Why your sales suck"

2) Overly Simplistic Promising The Moon which honestly is predatory sales that glosses over the real challenges you might have to overcome and the mindset work involved:

"The ONE and ONLY way to grow a 7-figure business"
"Make $100,000 this month with your brand new business"
"The sales script that guarantees you a 98% close rate"

As you might already know if you have spent time in the Superabound Collective, we don't advise either one—especially if you want to grow your business over the long term and have happy clients.

Instead we like the approach of becoming an industry trailblazer, or torch bearer if you will.

Here are a few ideas to get your started:

1. Notice what you DON'T like about your industry and how it works right now. 

I know divisive aggressive marketers do this too, but often it is only to complain or get on their high-horse about how they are so much better than everyone else in hopes that they will convince people to feel awful about their own lives and pay for whatever solution that agro marketer is selling.

Instead, as a torch bearer in your industry, don't just complain about it, FIX it in your own business. Here is a recent example or how we did this at Superabound. Rather than hiding our prices and forcing prospective clients to tell us their deep personal stories and then make a decision at the end of a short consultation, we how have a process that starts with an informal meet and greet, and a reduced price 3-session package so they can experience working with us without a major investment. After that they can choose to continue their work with a full VIP package, or not—no coercion or slimy sales tactics.

Watch the video of how we are doing this here if you are interested:

2. Show what is unique about your business and the things your current clients love so the right future clients know they are in the right place.

Think about what your best customers appreciate most about your business and talk about it. 
I once went to a stylist who took almost two hours to wash and cut my hair. Although the person was nice enough, she continued to chat with me and everyone else around us while only periodically cutting a few hairs.  I left the salon with my hair wet, rushing to pick up my children never to return or recommend that salon again. 

Was she a bad stylist? No. But she didn't clearly state her "unique approach" in her booking software that it would be a 2-hour haircut. Had she done that, I would have known her space was not for me, because I don't like spending time making small talk or having personal services take longer than required.

Now, if this stylist was acting like a trailblazer, she could have clearly marketed her services as the place for people who aren't in a rush and set the appointment time to reflect her approach. I have no doubt her best clients who love the chill atmosphere might feel like they get the social experience they want from a trip to a salon. 

My current salon has this figured out and even offers express service so you can be in and out in record time if you value good hair without spending all day waiting for it.

3. Lean into the challenges your customers face
Unlike marketers who oversimplify things and promise that their product or service is going to change someone's life without any time or effort, a trailblazer doesn't go for the quick fixes.

Your customers are smart. They don't need you to explain your whole plan for them in a tagline. You don't have to reduce down your business philosophy into one provocative social media post. Tell them the truth about what kind of commitment or effort it might take to reach their goal. 

The days of people believing that you can get "rock hard abs in just 3 minutes over 3 weeks" are (thankfully) over. And while some people may buy the hype, at first you will end up with a lot of refund requests if your product or service doesn't deliver.

Instead, create realistic expectations with your clients. Be honest about how your business can help them but tell them what they will need to bring to the table. For instance, you could be the world's best fitness trainer who understands the body and how to support your clients. But if your client doesn't show up to their sessions with you or they quit and leave early, they aren't going to get stronger. As much as we want to help our clients light their lanterns, we are only one part of the relationship. A real trailblazer doesn't glaze over the challenges with their customers and this in turn often creates greater trust and respect between you.

Get the How to Be a Trailblazer in Your Industry Masterclass free when you pre-order the Superabound book here