High-Ticket Offers Your Clients Repeatedly Say Yes To

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As a Coach, I have the honour of work with clients on their biggest challenges and incredible triumphs.

Since becoming a full time coach in 2019, I have been with people through their personal and business rollercoaster rides.

I have coached entrepreneurs through the ending of important relationships, through the births of their children, the deaths of loved ones and transitions from being employed by someone else to becoming the CEO of their own company.

During that time as a Coach, I have learned a lot about what it takes to become someone my clients want to work with repeatedly and I want to share some of what I have learned about it with you.

First, a bit of background and some metrics:

In the first year of my business, about 50% of my clients chose to work with me more than once. At the time I charged $3,300 for six months of private weekly coaching.

In my second and third year of business, I increased my rates a few times from $5,000 to $15,000 and by the end of that third year, had reached a rate of 65-70% of my clients buying multiple packages with me.

This year so far, my retention rate is around 90%. Nearly all of my private clients have worked with me before and some are already pre-paid to continue after their current package ends.

I share these numbers with you for a few reasons:

1) Being a less expensive option doesn't mean people will automatically want to keep paying you.
There are plenty of Coaches who charge much less than I do. It isn't a secret I am trying to keep from my clients. But the ones who stay with me do so because they have seen the value of working with me for years and they are invested in the relationship and the dynamic that we have more than they care about getting a "cheaper" option. In fact, as my prices go up, MORE of my clients ask to pre-pay for their next round of coaching.

2) You can raise your prices if what you are doing is valuable to your clients.
I have never raised my prices until I felt that I could deliver something my clients would pay double to have. Sometimes this was a tangible thing.

For instance I worked on relationships, self-trust and confidence with a client who is now running a 7-figure company with her partner. Did she get a return on her investment even though our work wasn't entirely focused on money? She sure did.

Last week I had a session with a client where I intuited a high-ticket Mastermind offer that resonated with her and will make her $200K-500K this year. Can I justify the cost of working with me? I sure can.

How to Create High-Ticket Offers Your Clients Say Yes to (repeatedly)

Hopefully looking at these numbers you see this is possible for you as well. Next let's get clear on exactly how to do this in your business.

1. Connect with your vision when you connect with your clients.
When we teach our Vision + Process Mastermind, the very first thing we do is help our members uncover the bigger purpose for why their business exists. This is what I call "free energy." When you are clear about what you are here to do, it is so much easier to believe in your offer and speak only to the part of your client that believes in their own bigger purpose as well.

If you do that repeatedly, in every engagement with your people, you build a kind of trust with them that they likely don't have anywhere else in their life.

As a Coach, I believe wholeheartedly in the dreams of my clients, sometimes even before they do. I support them with all the tools I have and they remember that when they hit their goals. That forms a solid relationship they want to bring along as they reach for their next big dream.

2. Don't sell when you should be giving
Imagine if you had just placed your order at a restaurant and before you were able to take a bite of your appetizer, the owner of the place swooped in with some hard-core sales demo asking you to confirm a standing reservation for the next year.

That would be an awful customer experience, and yet this is what a lot of people do when they are trying to retain a customer or upsell. 

Now, you probably aren't this forceful with your sales, but I have seen a lot of subtle ways people try to sneak in sales when they could instead be delivering the service they promised.

For Coaches, it could look be starting every session asking your clients for a "win" they had and trying to tie that back to something you said in the coaching session last week. You might think you are making the power of coaching very clear and explicit for them, but if you are also hoping that you will be able to use all of it for a future sales pitch for their next package, it isn't really for them, it's for you.

Notice if you are more emotionally invested in your clients results than they are or if you are pushing them out of the concern that they won't renew with you if they don't see a tangible ROI. When you are doing that, you are no longer coaching them.

If this line is blurry for you, I offer you this: Clients who work with you over and over again aren't there because you are a great sales person.

Being a super sales person might get a client to buy from you once, but you will never have a high rate of returning clients if you don't actually prove that the high-ticket value was worth it. The only way to do that is through the way you connect with and support them consistently, not by how good your sales email to them is.

3. Deepen your work and communicate in ways that show you care
I have raised my rates a number of times and when I do it, it is usually by thousands of dollars. I have clients who started with me at $3,300 and now pay me $15,000 for a package that looks similar on the outside.

The reason I was able to do this with very little friction from my most committed clients is also the most important thing I can teach you about creating such a high rate of repeat customers on high-ticket offers:

I teach my clients what I am learning, help them in real time and tell them BEFORE I raise my rates. 

As I learn new things, I teach them to my clients. They get the real time benefit of every course or program I am taking. Nothing is held back from them until their "next" package. If I have something to offer, they get it during their time as my client, even if it is their final session.

No strategic BS or stringing people along.

With all that learning and growing as a Coach and entrepreneur, it is never a shock to my clients when I raise the price of my high-ticket offer. They are already benefiting from my growth and seeing the increased value in our relationship. Additionally, I also give them a heads-up before my rates increase and offer any clients who know they want to continue to work together a way to pre-book their next round prior to the price change.

This combination of continuously learning, caring deeply for my clients and delivering what I promised over trying to sell them on a future engagement has helped me create a robust business.

With clear communication that shows you are focused on truly helping your clients thrive and get the most out of their time with you, you will have line of people waiting to work with you repeatedly before you know it.

And if you want support putting these ideas into practice for your high-ticket offer, you can book a free consultation to explore the ways I can help you here