Floating - A Path to Meditation

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2577593867_edf474095c_m.jpgIf you follow Aquin Yoga on social media you know that for months we have been talking non-stop about the benefits of "floating". Today I am thrilled to announce the opening of Zee Float. The beautiful float space owned by my dear friends in Hamilton, Stacey and Jay Ziebarth. 

As an Ambassador for Zee Float, I had a sneak peek at their space yesterday and it is truly the nicest Float studio I have been to, complete with an oxygen bar and Kombucha on tap. However when I speak with people about my excitement over the new addition to Hamilton's wellness community, it surprises me that so many don't know about floating, its benefit's, and how a yogi can use it for meditation.

Beginning to Float

Wherever you float, first, make sure you book yourself in at a time when you aren't rushing to get somewhere afterwards. There is nothing that will burst your new found bubble of calm than having to race off to the next appointment. If you are truly swamped then just do what you can do and allow yourself the full hour to rest deeply without worrying about what happens before or after. An hour of rest is better than none.

A good float studio will provide you with a detailed description of how to prepare (luckily there isn't much to do) and their staff can answer any questions you have.

The first time I floated, I was seven months pregnant and I expected something like a giant hot tub. It surprised me that the float tank is more like a roomy capsule filled with enough Epsom salts (somewhere in the 800-900 lbs) to make you buoyant. The water isn't hot, but it is comfortable (hovering around skin temperature) so you almost don't notice it after awhile.

Can You Meditate While Floating?

Anyone who has taken a meditation class with me knows that I almost exclusively teach meditation in a seated posture. That being said, floating is a wonderful tool to enhance your practice. First, it helps you get relaxed quickly. It is hard to feel tense when you have the sensation of weightlessness and because the float is done in a dark quiet space, there is little to distract you. After a time even the busiest mind can relent and slow down to enjoy some free time (it may take a few sessions to notice this).

Floating is also said to have numerous health benefits with more research being done all the time. Personally, I have noticed that I sleep well after a float session and the aches of carrying a baby around all day are greatly reduced :)

Finally floating, like meditation, is  a deep conscious method of unplugging. When you are in the tank (or pod as they are sometimes called) there really isn't a heck of a lot you can do. You can't conduct a conference call or work on your novel, so you might as well allow yourself some concentrated time to do nothing. 

As our lives enter hyper-drive it becomes more and more important to schedule time for things like meditation and floating is one beautiful no-stress way to aid your practice. If you want to learn more about meditation and check out Zee Float, join Steve and I for the Spring Revitalization Retreat on April 30. Click here to register.

Have you tried floating? Share your advice and insights in the comments below.

 Image Flicker CC: Floating by Amanda