Everyday Magic to Hit Your Goals

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When you are working on a big goal in your business or your personal life, it's easy to get so wrapped up in it that you miss out on the other parts of your life.

I can't tell you how many entrepreneurs have told me that prior to our work together, they would go into "launch mode" and spend the next several months heads down in work.

The funny thing is, regardless of the end result of that launch, whether it was fruitful or a big flop, they usually feel the same: overworked and exhausted.

And that is never a good thing, because after that launch they have to deliver on the promises they made, which takes even more energy and attention.

Today I want to share with you a few of the simple things I do to support my own big goals outside of the actual work itself.

Pick one or use these as inspiration to create your own supportive practice to accompany you along the journey to your next milestone.

Daily spiritual practice
This one is personal and I realize what I do might not resonate with you, but I attempt to spend 45 minutes to an hour each day supporting the deepest, most eternal essence of myself.

For you that might look like prayer, reading spiritual texts, meditation, devotion, chanting or path-working. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is meaningful to you and reminds you that there is more to your existence than simply your goals and accomplishments.

If you work with a certain divine energy or guides, don't forget to share your gratitude for the life you have today and ask them for specific support towards your future.

In my particular spiritual tradition we use a lot of symbolic magick. It could be as simple as lighting a candle that only gets lit when you are doing spiritual work or wearing a special oil blend that is a frequency match to your bigger goals. 

The use of symbols and triggers that you can incorporate in your daily life will help you keep your subconscious always working in the background, helping you manifest your goals.  

Hard workouts as transformational exercise
When I am working on something that feels big and maybe a little bit impossible, I tend to increase my commitment to movement and exercise, especially challenging cardio and weight workouts. Don't get me wrong, I still love my walks in nature and embodied movement practices like yoga...

BUT there is a special and transformative magick that happens when you intentionally choose something you know will be hard and you show up for yourself and do it anyway.

Challenging workouts reinforce that we have what it takes within us right now to do hard things, even if they aren't pretty or easy. That energy is often exactly what we need in order to reach a new level.

Alone Time
Most business owners don't make as much progress towards big goals as they could because they don't spend enough time alone.

It might sound strange at first, but when you are surrounded constantly by other people who you feel responsible for and who expect things of you, it is hard to expand into who you are trying to become.You will naturally fall back into the flow of who you are and who they see you as if you don't have time alone to decide who you are growing into.

Don't take my word for it, test this out for yourself.

If you are working on expanding your self-concept and growing your belief around a big goal, commit to regular time alone. For me this means about an hour a day where I am free of expectations and responsibilities for anyone but myself.

If I can, I plan this time right after I work with my private Coach or meet with one of the Mastermind groups I am a part of.

This is the best time for me because my brain is no longer hooked into some issue of the present and is instead focused on the future expansion I want to create.

Live what you are teaching (as best you can)

This is the highest form of manifestation and holds the most magick.

Here is what I mean. In my business we currently launching 2 programs for the fall. One of those, The Vision + Process Mastermind is designed for entrepreneurs to take a high-level weekly look at their business and learn the essential skillset and aligned mindset to create long-term success.

Within that program we teach our clients how to articulate and live their values and make decisions based on them instead of following outdated business "rules."

That means as I prepare to teach these tools to a new group of folks, I am living my pricincles and making all business decisions in the exact way I will be teaching others.

There is also a big section in the program on making more money without adopting high-pressure or predatory sales techniques, so we make sure we aren't promoting this program in ways that feel icky to us.

Instead the way we are selling the program is through building trust and offering useful tools to folks on our list just like this blog post. Browse all the tools we have shared lately on the blog here.

I don't have a quick tip or trick for how to do this in your business, but most of my clients intuitively know if they aren't practicing what they teach, by asking the question:

If my own clients or customers followed me around today, would they think I was a living example of the things I am teaching them?

If you don't love your answer, don't despair, pick one thing that will bring you closer to alignment and do that wholeheartedly.
And if you found this helpful and you want to build your business without compromising your values, apply now for the next group of the Vision + Process Mastermind.

Even if you aren't sure the timing is right or that you are ready for this step, Steve and I encourage you to apply anyway. We will always take the time to get to know you and your business and be honest about whether the program is a fit for you right now. Apply here now.