Blow Up Your New Year's Resolution. Do This Instead.

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NYE_FireworksHappy New Year! Almost.

I honestly couldn't tell you what my last New Year's resolution was, which means it probably didn't get very far. Still, this is the prefect time of year to reflect on how many incredible changes can happen in just one year.

In my own life, my core relationships have shifted dramatically and surprisingly. My career goals have taken a sharp turn away from the track I thought I wanted to be on. The spiritual path I followed looks completely different and for the first time in years I find myself holding the reins of my own development, causing me to think about life and the world in new and unexpected ways.

What's most interesting about all these changes is that there was no big decision-making moment for most of them.

If you look at your year closely, did you choose to veer off course and dive into something new? Or, if you note the progression of the big changes from last year to this, are they more commonly the product of small choices and responses to the world around you?

For instance, who you choose to spend time with from one day to the next inevitably results in the tight friendships you have. Deciding not to take a certain course in school will no doubt shape your work life, since what you say "no" to is just as important as what you say "yes" to.

Of course, conscious, major turning-point decisions have a huge part to play, but the more deeply you investigate the past, the more often you will find small choices to be the instigators for big results.

My New Year's challenge is not about making promises you aren't prepared for or are too busy to actually keep; my challenge for you is simple:

Abandon the quick fix mentality and start making real changes.

How's that for an empowering challenge for 2014?

Stop wasting your time waiting for the perfect life to drop into your lap. Instead, let this new year be the time when your smaller decisions line up with your greatest aspirations. Make your daily life work for your big picture dreams in the domains of Living, Working, and Being. When you keep these important aspects of life in mind, suddenly the marker of success and happiness is no longer just how much you can cram into one day, but the degree to which all three domains are intact and operating in a healthy manner.

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