A New Moon Practice for Entrepreneurs

2 Minutes Read

As a magickal entrepreneur, I love using the energy of the moon for manifestation and magick in my life and business.

Today marks the new moon, and it is the perfect moment to turn inward, reflect and set some goals for the lunar cycle ahead.

This feels especially needed given the very hard, very real global, local and personal events that many of us are trying to navigate right now.

So today my New Moon practice looks a bit different and I share it with you here in hopes that you carve out even ten minutes to meditate and journal on these questions for yourself.

1. Find a space where you won't be disturbed for a little while. It doesn't have to be fancy, but do take a moment to clear any clutter and create a physical space that is pleasant for you to be in.

2. If you have a specific spiritual or religious practice, invite in that energy with a prayer or devotion. Sit in silence for a moment, noticing your breathing and relaxing into the space. If you plan on meditating, begin now. Enjoy the awareness of your own experience. Don't follow any one particular thought or sensation, see if you can just allow the experiences to wash over you without reaction for as long as you wish.

3. When you feel complete, take out a journal and answer the following questions:

-What do I want to create in my business before the next New Moon?
-What do I want to create in my personal life before the next New Moon?
-What might I need to let go of in order to make room for these things?
-What might I need to embrace in order to make room for these things?

Once your answers are clear, spend another few moments breathing.

4. Finish your practice with a gratitude devotion or prayer. You could also simply spend a few minutes listing out everything you are truly grateful for. The most powerful way to do this out loud so you can hear in your own words in your own voice what is most meaningful and present in your life.

5. When you feel the practice is complete, get up and move back into your day.

Immediately following the practice, go to your calendar and put any actionable items you came up with on your calendar. Make a plan to embrace what needs to be embraced and to let go of what needs to be let go of. 
If you don't make the time to do those things for yourself, you are working against your own intention and not giving the New Moon energy or your own goals true respect. 
In short, don't ask the Universe to partner up and deliver something if you aren't willing to listen, invest in and uphold your end of the contract.
I have seen far too many people feel entitled to everything in their business working perfectly from day one because they lit a candle and said a few pretty words.

Being a powerful magickal entrepreneur takes more than that. 

The Universe isn't your ATM, it is your business partner and co-founder.

Treat this meeting and this relationship with care and respect and you will thrive.

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