Evolve Your Coaching to Fill Your Practice

        Are you a coach who wants to have a bigger impact in your clients' lives and grow your income in the new year?

        Do you struggle with finding and enrolling your ideal clients?

        Do you want to learn the coaching tools and sales systems that helped two Master Coaches create a million-dollar business over three years?

        If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you don't want to miss this free Masterclass.

        Join Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, the founders of Superabound Coaching, as they share their secrets on how to evolve your coaching and selling in a way that fills your practice in 2024.

        The masterclass recording is available immediately for everyone who signs up.

        Yes! I want to fill my practice

        In this workshop, you will learn how to:

        • Attract and connect with clients who are ready to invest in themselves
        • Ensure your coaching helps solve your clients' biggest problems and inspires repeat business
        • Speak confidently in the face of any hesitation your potential client has
        • Create a simple and scalable system to make lead generation easier
        • Build a loyal and engaged community that sustains your business

        This workshop is for coaches and consultants of any niche and experience level who want to fill their practice in 2024 and beyond.

        Erin and Steve are Master Coaches who have helped leaders and business owners around the world achieve their goals and transform their lives.

        They have supported hundreds of coaches and have the inside scoop on what is currently working in the coaching industry and what is outdated.

        Register now and get ready for 2024.

        Your Instructors

        Erin Aquin is a Master Certified Coach who has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs stop overworking and create their "True Love Business." She is the author of three books and the co-host of the Superabound Podcast. Erin has taken her company from a part-time side business to a multiple six-figure corporation that has generated over $1,000,000 in under 3 years.

        Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach Steve Haase has helped hundreds of business owners generate millions of dollars in increased revenue over the last decade. Before becoming a coach he led teams at high-growth tech companies HubSpot and Shopify, delivering $30 million in annual recurring revenue.

        They met in a spiritual community and have been offering personal development courses and programs together for over a decade. They live in a beautiful town near a river in southern Ontario with their two young children. When they're not coaching they love to travel, make music, and take great care of themselves.

        Spots are limited, so fill out the form on this page to join the workshop today. 

        Erin and Steve on the couch small
        Superabound co-founders Steve Haase and Erin Aquin