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Don't Know Your Business Bottleneck? You’re Leaving Growth Up To Chance

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What's your bottleneck?

As a business owner, you control how much money you make and what kind of life you live. No one else tells you that you can’t have a raise or take a vacation.

So if your revenue, team, or work-life harmony are not where you want them to be, that means you have a bottleneck in your business.

Like a dam in a river, it’s the part of your business or life that is out of harmony with your dreams and is causing the unwanted blockage of cash, time, fulfilment, or whatever else is out of balance.

The first step to fixing it is knowing what that bottleneck is, so you can clear it up.

Introducing the Business Growth Grader

Superabound has helped thousands of business owners create real wealth in their companies and lives through pinpointing their bottleneck. 

Aline is a first-time entrepreneur who was able to quit her day job to pursue her business—and earn way more money—full time by going through the process in the Grader.

Hally is a founder CEO who stepped into her power to build a high-functioning leadership team and get out of the weeds using the same tools.

The Business Growth Grader will help you create a more meaningful, impactful, and profitable business by knowing what to focus on to get the biggest results for your effort.

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Personal—yes, it's really us—videos from the founders, Erin and Steve

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